Monday, November 28, 2005


Another ultrasound. The cardiologist wanted another ultrasound, and that's what he got today. Of course afterwards, he didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know, except to have put a more definite calendar into effect by saying that the surgery will definitely be sometime within the first 10 days. No later than December 17th. One way or another, whatever happens with the surgery, we'll know before Christmas. God help me, I hope that he does fine with the surgery and is a week into his recovery by then - which would mean that he'd be looking at a positive prognosis. Something to celebrate for Christmas.

And they looked back into Alexis' chart and saw that she WAS tested for Di George Syndrome after all, and it came back negative. That means that most likely, Donovan is negative too, and we won't have all the other complications associated with that to deal with. That's a huge relief to me, not only for Donovan, but for my other kids and their kids.

We haven't heard anything from Randy yet about his tests today, but I figure they have to wait for results. I'll let you's know.

So it's back to the Ob/Gyn tomorrow. She was at the consultation with the cardiologist today at the Women's Institute - I wish she could have just done it all while I was there. I despise driving into Charlotte. It should take about 35 minutes to get there, but normally takes more like an hour and a half - and that was BEFORE the holiday shoppers were added to the traffic mix. In other words, in order to get there by 9am for my appointment tomorrow, I have to leave home no later than 7:45am.

That's before 2 of my kids are even on the school bus.

And you know, Charlotte presents itself as a wealthy, well-to-do, beautiful city... The nations second largest banking and financial center... A "World class city with small town charm." The taxes are through the roof, and there is constantly road construction - why do the surface roads suck so bad?! Holy Hay-soos, by the time we get where we're going, I'm pretty well convinced that Donovan has been shaken out of me and I'll have to catch him when I get out of the truck!


  1. You poor thing, I don't know how you do it. Good news overall, so far. Keep breathing, ahh.

  2. That's good news about the Di George Syndrome. I'm glad that you don't have that added worry along with everything else.

    I hope that whatever poking and prodding they've done today has revealed similar good news of some sort.

    There's a very small package on it's way to you. I finally made it to the post office this morning.

    And please, keep us updated on yourself, and on Randy. And be glad you don't drive. I know all about 35 minute drives that take two hours. I do it every morning and afternoon. One hour = roughly 9 miles. Ugh.

  3. Garnet~
    lol, I do it because there aren't a lot of choices. I tried holding my breath and stomping my feet. Unfortunately, I just turned blue and passed out and things were the same when I came to ;)

    As long as Donovan's test really does come back negative for Digeorge, it'll be wonderful. As for today's appointment, it was just a regular old ob/gyn appt - listen to the heartbeat, weight/bp check. Nothing interesting, except that they relented to my begging for antibiotics to get rid of whatever this is that keeps me coughing. I think it's a sinus infection, but they didn't even check, they just put me on antibiotics to shut me up :D

    Randy's blood counts looked great yesterday, and the results on the bone marrow aren't in yet, but they aren't worried about them since the blood counts are good.

    And yes, the drive to Charlotte sucks, but good lord, NINE miles in an hour?! It took us an hour and 35 minutes this morning, but hell, we went 35 miles! I won't bitch anymore!

    I'll be looking for my little package! I love little packages! I wish I were sending some out though, I reeeeeally like sending them out.

  4. Glad to hear that Randy's numbers are looking good. My grandfather's biopsy reports came back today. They were "Inconclusive", which means they'll be doing them again next week. Ugh. As if it's not bad enough to do them once!

    Donovan is still in my prayers and thoughts daily. Yeah, I know, prayers are cheap palatatudes when it's your child's life at stake, but they're all I seem to have, so I give them all away.

    Yeah, I have to leave the house by 6:30 in the morning in order to get Jonas dropped off at daycare and me to work by 7:30. Utter crap, but you gotta do it, right? The problem down here is that there's no direct way to get anywhere, they've over-developed our area without adding any new roads, or even improving the ones we have, and so everything just bottlenecks, and there you sit. But some days, when traffic is flowing well, I can make it in about half the time, and then I'm stuck with either arriving at work half an hour early (no thanks) or tooling around trying to kill time. But I can't complain, if I had to be at work at 8:30 or 9 instead, traffic is even worse!

    Glad your on something for that cold/cough/infection thing you have. Now get in bed, drink warm tea, and get some damn sleep!

    Love you, E.