Friday, November 18, 2005

The EFF effect

In light of the current and recent events concerning my chapbook and the publisher thereof, who attempted to force me to retract this statement via the threat of litigation, I thought this organization and their web page on bloggers rights would be something worth sharing. I was particularly interested in the legal guide they provide that pertains to blogging in general, as well as their overview of legal liability issues FAQ page, which puts into plain English what I already knew as far as my posts on Chapbook Enterprises:
There is no legal basis for a lawsuit, and she has no foundation on which to stand when trying to force a retraction.

I think the EFF site is probably one of the most valuable pages on the internet for anyone who blogs. It deals with every legal issue I could think of as it would apply to bloggers - including the issue of blogging about work, which has become so hot a topic anymore that people hesitate to mention that they HAVE a job, let alone where or with whom they work, for fear of termination.

And to top it all, they're an organization that includes lawyers who are dedicated to the protection of bloggers' rights, and in some cases even represent the blogger in a lawsuit. They're currently having a fund raiser, which is actually how I found the link to them, and if I could afford to join right now, I'd do it. As it is, they're on my list of things to do after... Well, sometime at the beginning of the year.

hat tip: taking the brim


  1. Oof - see what happens when I don't read your blog for a while! It's all my fault.

    Here's my comment to your comment, BTW:
    Erin, you DO SO MUCH, with your grief support web site and raising money for your brother-in-law. What you do is much more valuable - you put your time and heart into your projects. That's much better than flinging money at a problem and hoping that it will go away. All with, what, five children and one on the way? Good god y'all. You deserve a medal.

    That stupid woman doesn't have a clue about the woman she has chosen to mess with!

  2. Good info, E. Thanks for sharing. :) Hope you're doin' OK...