Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Poetry Carnival 11/13

Go to legwarmers [link] for a complete description of this
Carnival's theme, submission instructions, etc.

In brief: This Carnival challenge is to create your own Ars Poetica. Dabble in art for art's sake. What is your personal rulebook for the function, craft, form or purpose of a poem--or are there rules? What motivates you, as a poet? What you seek to accomplish each time you set pen to paper (or fingertip to keyboard, as it may be)? What is a poem? What mustn't it be? All mediums and formats welcome -- after all, you're the poet.

Submissions due by November 12 (next Saturday) at NOON. Please email submissions to liz8murray(at)hotmail(dot)com or submit them via the email button on Legwarmers.

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