Friday, November 4, 2005


Sometimes you just have to stay busy, so that's what I'm trying to do, just concentrating on keep the hands and mind occupied so as to avoid insanity. To that end:
I've volunteered to host the Tarheel Tavern again this weekend,
I wrote an article of sorts on what it's like to host a carnival and posted it on the THT blog for folks considering becoming a host.
I've got a poem (ars poetica) to write for the Poetry Carnival, due out on the 13th at legwarmers,
and I've got a challenge poem to write that Billy tagged me with for a 'meme' of sorts on Poetisphere.
I also wrote the monthly newsletter for Moontown Cafe.
Mailed it out and posted it on the MTC archive blog.
I need to make a post or 2 on the Poetic Acceptance for grieving parents blog too.


I was so pre-occupied that I forgot to tell ya's, I made my first sale for Poetic Acceptance for grieving parents. Only 2 car magnets, but hey, maybe it's the start of big things! 59 more sales like that, and I'll be able to pay for someone's child's funeral! Here's to hoping I make more sales on the bigger items eh?

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