Friday, November 25, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I ran outside after dark to snap a couple of pictures of the house. It's so clear, and a little on the chilly side. I threw on a jacket, and ran out, barefoot. 4 pictures later, my feet were frozen! Great thing to do when one is already sick eh? Yeah, I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed.
Christmas Tree
So this is my tree, from outside. I'll assume it was ME that moved, (as opposed to the house or the tree) and caused the blur. Hey, didn't I tell you I'm a lousy photographer?

left end of the house
Yup. I take lousy pictures. This is the left end of the house, not that you can really see the house itself... Santa and the Christmas tree are under the dogwood I call Mona Lisa, but you can't really see the tree either.

and the right end
And the other end of the house, including the kitchen window, where the lights aren't lit for some reason, and the animated deer and the Christmas tree.

See? I warned you that the pictures would suck didn't I? But hey, we're showing the Christmas spirit, and that's what counts. You should see the neighbor's house. It looks sort of like they drove some nails into random spots around the roof line and threw the strands of lights at them from the ground. But hey, they had theirs up BEFORE Thanksgiving, so they get bonus points! I'll have to try to remember to go tell them Feliz Navidad.

Thanks to Laurie I found a new holiday of sorts, and I observed "Buy Nothing Day" it today by, yup you guessed it, buying nothing. Nothing new there, I never go out on Black Friday, seriously. I just think it's cool that there's such a thing. Apparently, it was first observed in '91, by some smart progressive-minded person. *applause for them*

Now I'm off to pillage through my leftovers from last Christmas and see if I have any wrapping paper left so I can get started on wrapping. If not, I'll have to go tomorrow (when it isn't Black buy nothing Friday) and buy some!


  1. Erin, Jeez! Youy guys sure get things done in a hurry, don't you? I haven't put lights up in 8 years. Guilty confession: O bought this house in September, and it came with christmas lights still up from the previous Christmas. Being the lazy soul that I am, I left them up, and they continued to work for two more years, untill a hurricane blew through and snapped a few strands. They still stayed up until just this last summer when we had the roof replaced and the roofer was kind enough to pull them off.

    I do, however, put up a tree, eventually, about the same time I get serious about shopping. The week before Christmas is usually about right. Maybe it's just because it stays warm down here, but it's incredibly hard to get into any sort of Christmas spirit.

    I like buy nothing day. That's my sort of holiday!

    The house looks great, even if you are a terrible photographer.:)

  2. Weeeeeeee! Christmas lights!!! It's killing me that I can't put mine up until after the move. Thanks for sharing yours - I got a little holiday tingle. :)

  3. Ang~
    I spent several years in the I don't give a shit mode - we'd decorate the tree at the last minute, shop on Xmas eve, never get the lights up outside at all. I completely understand the lack of spirit thing! (and if the landlord wouldn't gripe, we'd probably leave the outside lights up forever too!)

    Any tingle is a good tingle eh? ;)

  4. Ah yes, and you always make me tingle like no one else! ;)

  5. Yup--I'd rather take a beating than leave my home the day after Thanksgiving.

    And PLEASE do rest, nourish, and try your best to get well FAST. It's not long until D(Donovan)-Day!

  6. I'm glad you're getting into the spirit of Buy Nothing Day! I love your "sucky" pictures.