Thursday, July 20, 2006


Check out the "anonymous" commenter on this post


  1. Figures it would be someone from Tennessee... Hey, I can say that legit- I'm from there, too. As a matter of fact, I've spent more than enough time in the lobby of the LeBonheur (or however you spell it)Medical Center for Children in Memphis, Tn where the esteemed Mr. Pigg invented his child torture device. If I remember correctly my little sister was even born there. At the very least, she was treated there extensively as a small child with a rare blood disease.

    With that being said, there are a lot of friggin morons out there E. You handled yourself like a pro in your response. I would have taken a less civil and more personal approach.


  2. heh I had to rewrite my response several times before I could hit post :-)

  3. the ignorance just amazes me. You, my dear, are as amazing as usual. Love you

  4. Oops. I commented at the originating post, then I felt so discouraged about the human race that I had to duck out for a smoke. I won't repeat myself -- it'll just make me want to have another smoke.

    I'm just going to focus on how do-able $161 in a month and three weeks seems. Yup, visualizing the generosity out there...

  5. Okay... Well, I am going to turn it around and say I feel sorry for someone who has to be an anonymous, pissy know-it-all on the blog of a stranger. That person must have something lacking from his/her life, right?

  6. haha Zilla, I know what you mean. The $161 is SO doable, it's actually almost done I have $70 I'm getting tomorrow from my , and there's $24 in book sales I need to apply so I'm only $67 away from the $2000 mark. Then, I start on raising the other $1000 since the kids are having such bad luck.

    After that, I'll crank my personal goal up some more ;)

  7. from my... from my WHAT for god's sake!? From my sister. Wonder what the hell I was thinking when I typed that?

    It is sort of sad isn't it? I was just too pissed off at the moment to feel too sorryfor him/her


  8. I'm not saying feel sorry for him/her, I'm saying allow yourself to blow him/her off b/c he/she's pathetic. :o) In other words, don't be mad, be superior. ;) Probably a friggin WalMart shopper to boot. *wink* (That's an inside joke to those who don't know. I shop at WalMart too!)

  9. I could've swore I commented on this already. Blogger must've ate it.

    Basically, it said that I'm sorry that you have to experience such rude, idiotic, hatred. If I knew who that was I would find him and bludgeon him to death.

  10. Fuck em.

    Did I take the high road.

    Fuck no!

    Not this time.

    I love you Erin.

  11. lol Erin~
    Most definitely a Walmart shopper!

    It boils down to an ignorant sense of arrogance. Probably on a kick because they're related to someone who actually accomplished something. Fuck'em.

    I love you too dear. Much.