Saturday, July 22, 2006

just the 2 of us...

When I got up this morning, I knew I had the shower to look forward to, and I was looking forward to it for the most part, but I'd be lying if I denied having some worries and reservations. Luckily none of my concerns were realized, and it was a good time. Several people backed out at the last minute, some for work, and some for the beach (how rude is THAT!?) but all in all there was a decent crowd, April racked up on gifts and the games were a hoot. We got a thousand and one pictures with the disposable cameras, but they aren't developed yet, so you'll just have to be patient until my sister gets them developed and I can con her out of a copy of the good ones. Everyone loved the watermelon (she said proudly as she curtsied and patted herself on the pointed little head) and I think there are probably 20 pictures of it.

I made enough food for the original 25 guests, and probably overdid it even for that sized crowd, so there was a lot of food left over, but there were no dishes that no one touched, so I guess none of it sucked. :-) I'm not really all that domestic, so for me to have made all that food, and managed to have NO sucky ewww-I'm-not-touching-THAT dishes, it's a miracle. You know the dishes I'm talking about right? The one that Aunt Helga brings that looks like creamed snot with some unidentified crusty stuff on top that smells like feet and dirty dog that no one is brave enough to taste...

The games were a hoot, and I'm pretty sure I got a picture of my mother with her nose in a diaper. How awesome is that, a picture of your mother sniffing a diaper. Awesome.

When I got home, pretty much all hell had broken loose. Kory and Mom had gotten into it (before she left to come to the shower), Tommy lied his ass off and completely disregarded and disrespected my wishes while I was out, and all five of them proceeded to bitch and complain and fight and argue after I got home. I proceeded to bring the rum out and now, well, I'm still typing, but I have to close one eye sort of. I had one drink for Eve's discharge the other night, but I'm tying one on tonight, just because I can.

I forgot to get the $70 in donations from my sister's customers while we were at the shower today, but I had a donation/book sale come in while I was gone. So, as you can see, the total has been updated. I'm SO close to the goal! I mean, there's a guaranteed $94 waiting to be applied, which leaves a meager $38 to go to my $2000!

There's one guy that participates every year that raises amazing amounts of money, over $30,000 last year. He's the top fundraiser this year too so far. He's raised well over $6000, which is awesome. But his little blurb on his page is sort of rude to me. He says he wants support so he can surpass his goal, and remain the top fundraiser for the area. Doesn't that seem like a misdirected motivation? I mean sure I enjoyed seeing my name in the top 5 fundraisers box for a while, but it isn't why I'm doing it, and if it were, I don't think I'd admit it, or use it as my motivational blurb to entice people to donate. Maybe it's just me, but probably not, since Scott was the one who saw it in the first place and it bothered him so much that he pointed it out to me.

So maybe it's just us.


  1. Make that just the three of us. Ugh. Some people have screwed up reasons for doing things. I guess we can just be glad that he's doing good things for the wrong reason.

    Cheers to you on a successful baby shower, and on unsucky food. Wanna share some of those recipes with me since I'll be doing J's birthday party for about the same number of people. Can you turn a watermelon into a train? :)

    Enjoy that drink or two or three. Me, I'm on the wagon, even if I did buy a bottle of a little something that would go well with the parrot bay rum in my cabinet the last time I was at the grocery.

    Sorry the kids were boogers while you were away.


  2. You've had a busy day! The picture of your mom sniffin the poopy diaper is PRICELESS!

    You deserve that drink! (I had a couple the other night to "relax a little" and ended up molesting Roy... I think he liked it)

    And yeah, I think that although he's raising money for a great cause, his motivation is a little misdirected. I'm just glad he's doing it for a legit fundraiser.

  3. Ang~
    I actually think I could make a train, believe it or not... I've been sitting here drawing it out on paper, and I think it's totally doable.

    Drunken molestation is a good thing ;) But I stopped drinking an hour or so ago, and now I'm pretty sober, and just sleepy.

  4. E, you would be my hero (as if you're not already) if you could figure out some train shaped watermelon schematics for me. I just don't have that sort of spatial ability.

    But Jonas loves trains, and one of the few foods he loves is melon, so it would be such a hit. :)

    After reading Eve's comment, I'm thinking maybe I need to drink more. (lots more)