Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lebanon V Israel

I keep posting about the Lebanon v Israel conflict... I can't even pretend I have any knowledge or real understanding of it. I sucked in History class, and I'm having a hard time finding information now that isn't biased one way or another. But I have been trying to read as things happen, keep up with things at least on the level of current events. Lots of blogging going on about the situation for sure. Several of the blogs (writing/poetry blogs, all) I've added to my bloglines have a personal interest, a personal connection to the this war though. I thought I'd link to them, and a blog I've found through one of them so that you could all read some of the things they've said. It's easy for us to turn away, we're here, and those are not people they are countries or groups or foreign sounding words that we hear on the news...

I don't know enough to know who is wrong or who is right, who deserves the land or who doesn't... but I can't sit in denial about what's going on. Watch this, and see if you still can:
or look at these pictures:
And pretend they aren't real people...

Read the words of those who are from Israel, from Lebanon, those who are still there, or who have flown back to be with family members that are still there, and from those who are here, in America, watching as their homeland is destroyed:


A more "newslike" perspective from the Israeli side:
A few days ago, I was oblivious, blissfully ignorant and pretty damn comfortable, thinking of it all as some far away place, some far away conflict that had nothing to do with me. Now I just get more outraged, more saddened, with every thing I see or read, and amazed how people can be complacent enough to continue to ignore it all.


  1. My opinion is before one can even begin to dive into this, one must eleminate the concepts of right and wrong, extract them from their vocabulary, then, and only then, should one proceed with any opinions, judgements (what have you?).

  2. I don't know if there is or isn't a right or a wrong side, and if there ever was, I'm sure it could never be properly sorted out in those termms anymore. But seeing pictures of children that have been killed, people whose bodies have been incinerated - and to know that the basis of the entire conflict can be traced back to religion... THAT'S wrong.

  3. Ideed. And it always has been. that's people for you. The mislead, the misguided who misinterpret words as something that people must die for, and kill for. When in fact, its intended pupose was to be lived for. Any religion is "wrong" if they claim to be "right." bottom line.

    I know I am wrong, because, helpless as I am, I look away, choose not to see. But, as you have seen to before, my eyes are now open. And I can't stand what they see.

  4. And, make no mistake, it was not the people reduced to words and countries that were merely far away, it was I whom I turned away from. I can only handle so much sometimes. Am I wrong? Yes.

  5. Oh, I ache, I hurt, I grieve for ALL the people involved, but especially for the children, those dear little children....

    I am really pissed off at all the testerone in the world that makes men want to kill, and force their ideals on other people and be the world's "decider's," and order everyone else's lives. I am pissed at all the football jocks and hockey dudes with their front teeth knocked out. I am pissed with my husband who thinks I should operate on his time schedule, and with the guy who tried to sell me a Kirby vacuum. I am royally pissed off at the world.

  6. My awareness level on this subject was about zero. I still haven't heard that much about it, other than they're fighting. I've had my head in text books, and I don't watch that much tv at all. I haven't been able to access these links either. I'll keep trying.

    The only things I can actually say with certainty are that every country deserves the right to protect the sovernty of its borders, killing, damaging, or causing distress to any other human being should not be done for any reason, that I need to better educate myself on about this, and finally, loss of life IS wrong, no matter the circumstance, and, finally, it doesn't make me angry to know these horrible events are happening, but it does stir up the hurt, the hurt that is always there, for all people ever born to die in this world.