Thursday, July 6, 2006

Bubble gum and crocs

a little over 2 years ago, I got a gumball machine, for free, from the restaurant I was working in (which was closing down.) This house has a livingroom and a den, and we were going to turn the livingroom (the room I'm presently sitting in) into a game room. We were going to buy a pool table and hang the dart board and get a jukebox (we actually had a lead on one dirt cheap, way back when) set up the bar (yup we had one, with stools) and the gumball machine was going to be part of the goofy all-in-fun decor.

Well, shortly thereafter, my mother had to move in with us because she had lost her job, and our bedroom became her room and the den became our bedroom, and the livingroom, well, it's the livingroom - and there are no more rooms available for a game room.

So, we sold the dart board on one of our trips to the flea market, the bar ended up in the shed, then in the livingroom, then in the shed, now out beside the house, holding tools and an ashtray (because I've re-enacted the no smoking in the house rule...)

Anyway (damn I can ramble can't I?) today I put the gumball machine on Union County Freecycle, and damn! Apparently everyone in Union county wants a gumball machine! I had eight replies on it in like 15 minutes. Then I had to choose who got it, which sucked. Narrowed it down to 2, and ended up having to take a blind vote from there. It ended up going to a woman whose 12 year old was about to turn 13, and for some odd reason the kid had always wanted a bubblegum machine, so this is part of his birthday gift. Pretty cool eh?

I've decided to start walking every evening - I don't know whether to call it "me time" or admit that I feel like I should probably "train" for the Walk in September. So tonight (just now, I left, mid-post and did it) I walked nearly 3 miles, and didn't even have the urge to pass out. Guess I'm not so old and out of shape as I'd feared! I walked 3 miles (taping Heart Walk flyers on business doors the whole way) in 42 minutes. I can deal with that. And Erin? The Crocs kick ass for walking :)

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  1. Very cool about the walking. I honestly don't know if I could walk three miles at all, especially in 3 minutes. I'm so out of shape! Actually, I probably could, as long as you didn't tell me that it was three miles. :) Mental roadblock sort of thing.

    I'm glad that the gumball machine went to a good home. I once freecycled a livingroom set- sleeper sofa, loveseat, oversized chair, two end tables, coffee table, and even the artwork that went with it. Well, I got lots of interested people, but no one showed up when they said that they would. Finally this one guy came, and he didn't want the couches, but he took the three tables and was nearly in tears over them, telling me how nice they were and how they were living in a trailer with their three kids and recovering from the hurricanes and that the tables were going to make a great gift for his wife's birthday and how they'd be perfect for their new livingroom once the house was done being rebuilt. It was sort of stunning to know how much something that had been in my shed for two years could mean to someone else.