Monday, July 3, 2006

Totally Random

Did I tell you guys that Kory went bald? Yup, I was trimming Brendon's buzz cut, and Kory begged me to shave him bald. I did it. I mean, what the hell, it'll grow back right? He loves it, aside from having to shave his head almost daily lest he get stubbles. I was going to do it, then make him let it grow back, but Ma really hates it, so I think, since he wants it bald, I'll let him keep it.

Yes, I'm that kind of daughter.

I redesigned Nova's blog layout yesterday. I couldn't stand that shade of blue anymore. So I set it up with a really pretty sunset theme. It was very pretty, hell, I was impressed even. But today I was in a different mood, so I redesigned it again. Sorry for those of you (most of you) who never got to see it. Feel free to go see the new new layout though!

I told yas that I got the crib down, but I didn't tell you how completely trashed my room was did I? Yeah, I don't admit it often, but my room looks like it belongs in an all-male college dorm at one of the party-colleges. Seriously, if you can see one square foot of floor, be happy. Well today, I cleaned my room, most of it anyway. I haven't seen so much of the floor in there in, ha, well, a long time.

I'm not much of a housekeeper. I really don't believe that I was born to be a wife, well, a rich wife maybe, with a maid and a cook... Anyway, all the cleaning I've been doing made my mom ask me if I was pregnent. A) My tubes are tied, remember? B) What kind of dumbass question is that to ask me any damn way? and C) Keep giving me grief about it and I'll quit, just to shut you up, eh.


  1. Isn't it odd how some of us seem to be in the same housekeeping rhythm? When Myrtle & Moose were small, I was actually on the 1950s (Monday is laundry day, etc) schedule. Now it seems like this sort of hive mentality has evolved. My room has been trashed like yours, I mean capital T-Trashed, but I started working on it three days ago (I've got about an hour left in there), and I started scrubbing my kitchen floor the same day WriterMom scrubbed hers (mine takes three days with a nail brush and bleach because of the grout [I effing hate grout now]) and I have to alternate projects because my attention span hurts as badly as my knees do ...I don't know. Maybe this isn't weird. Maybe a hive mentality has not taken over. Maybe I just completely suck at housekeeping. Maybe we all do. I'll tell you one thing: people with consistently immaculate houses?


    And there's this ... the last two days? When I've been out and about taking care of business? Both days, at different times, en route to different destinations, I found myself behind a late model Nissan Pathfinder with North Carolina plates. I'm sure this is A Sign. I'm sure the Universe is trying to tell me something. If I were a Responsible Human Being, I would be anagramming Nissan Pathfinder in order to discover the message the Universe is trying to deliver to me. Or maybe the message is hidden in the license plate numbers! But I neglected to write that down! I could so write a Laurie Anderson song about this. I don't know about your mind, but mine, is a little bit ... lost. Ah woooo-ooo-ooo-eeeee!

  2. Nova's blog is beautiful! You did a good job.

  3. Zilla~
    It's a PATHFINDER... no anagramming needed! The universe is directing you to follow the path to NC, and come scrub my grout hahaha! the hive mentality... who knows, stranger things have happened!

    Thank you, I'm pretty tickled with it myself.