Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tarheel Tavern #75

Heard the Word of Blog?

Welcome to the Tarheel Tavern! That's right, it's a free for all There's no cover charge and no theme whatsoever! Thanks Ogre for the signage!

This is the 75th edition, can you believe that?! Well, let it be known that this, the 75th edition of the Tarheel Tavern is to be the occasion for much celebration, as we introduce our newest Tarheel Taverner. So, suds (as well as the seats) are free with a toast to Justin and the Missus. Congratulations are, indeed, in order.

So in light of our start here, with the entrance of a new life, we'll visit Laurie first at ...Slowly She Turned -a very living, very organic blog that calls the USDA on the carpet.

We've lucked out - or I've already had one too many drinks - because Billy (and his wingman) have 'flown' in... I wonder if we can beg a ride to get an aerial shot of the iceberg at My Blue Puzzle Piece? If not we'll have to hope that the bridge isn't out!

In which case, Waterfall's dear Elton (John?) will do us no good at all!

But then again, I should be more responsible than to consider leaving the tavern and hitting the road! I might just be the next Union County resident to acquire a blogspot mugshot and become a statistic.

So what do you say we just sit back down and talk about something worthwhile? Such as hiring a freelance writer to promote your charity? Kivi can tell you how to make that decision.

Or how about we sit down with Ron and discuss his charitable interests. Or, give me a second to talk about mine! Or maybe we could discuss a bit about art! Or ponder how to be more creative!

But more than likely, as is usually the case on a Saturday night when the drinking has started and the night grows long, it will be the fact that Bora loses his head over weird sex that comes up.

But that's ok, so long as that conversation is kept at a separate table from where Dave tells us how to cause the world not to end. That would be the same table where Jude discusses the option of a ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon.

But inevitably, much to Colonel Corn's chagrin, we'll all just run out of time and forget what the heck we talked about anyway!

Thanks for playing along folks. Billy will be hosting next week, because he's my hero, but after that I've got a few more empty weeks. So if you're willing and able, how about volunteering to host one weekend!


  1. Hi Erin! You can put me down for Labor Day weekend. Sandy's having surgery on Friday so I will be around bored all weekend, most likely.

  2. Oy surgery, and just before a holiday weekend? Ick.

    But Ron has already volunteered for that weekend. Any chance I can talk you into the 10th?

  3. You did a great job on the THT, Erin. Thanks.

    - Jude

  4. Hey I am flexible as long as I remember to sign my checks. If you want to switch out with me Laurie, I am cool with that.

    Great job, Erin! You are much smoother at this than I could hope to be!