Saturday, July 22, 2006


For the record: 2 1/2 hours. That's the amount of time I spent on the watermelon art. I had a blast doing it. It was creative, I didn't screw it up, I got to use a melon baller for the first time ever and it came out pretty. All around a rewarding experience. Now I'm hoping I don't drop it before I get there tomorrow.

After hours of cooking, slicing, dicing (oh the sandwiches are CUTE too, no pics though) followed by dinner and dishes and another load of laundry, I sat down to make a list of the things I need to take - otherwise I will forget something, it's how it is. I realized that I forgot to buy any drinks! I'm in charge of food for this shower, and I forgot the drinks?!

Part of me is really looking forward to the shower. I haven't ever been one to spend a lot of time away from my kids, unless I was working, but tomorrow is an all girls, no kids bash. It's bound to be fun. There is a part of me though that worries that I'll fall apart in the middle of it. I know it isn't going to be easy to watch her opening all the gifts for the baby boy she's expecting.

Anyway. Sunday we're going to the flea market to sell stuff. My sister has been collecting donations for me and has a $70 donation to give me tomorrow, and there's $24 in book sales waiting to be applied so I'm actually only $67 from my $2000 goal, but there's still $970 to raise after that to meet the team goal. I'm hoping to manage that fairly quickly so I can raise my personal goal again. $500 at a time until I run out of time and donors and doors to knock on. There are things in the works, plans in the making, donations promised and projects in the planning stages by other people that want to support this cause. If I can raise the other $970, I can redistribute the extra 2 grand into Scott's/the kids' names so that they all get their t-shirts. I'll feel really badly for the kids if they don't raise $100 each at least. If they don't, they don't even get the AHA t-shirt. They've tried so hard to raise funds and this is so important to them. They deserve a blasted shirt just for having the heart to want to walk.

I'm pretty sure there were things in particular that I wanted to say, but I'm falling asleep sitting here so I'll post more tomorrow. Maybe some of it won't be nonsense and uselessness like this post has been!

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