Wednesday, July 5, 2006

crap - whole lotta nuthin

OK, so. My birthday passed, I survived. It was not as quiet as I'd hoped, but not as celebratory as I'd feared, so it was all good.

We went out to eat, and it was yummy. Nothing says happy birthday like a rare steak :) Especially when it doesn't come out of my pocketbook :-D

We did end up going to see some fireworks, but the local show, not the one in Charlotte, thank god. Terra insisted on wearing Scott's ear guards for the show because it was too loud. She's very sensitive to loud noises, so she walked around with a set of headphones on - remember the old fashioned headphones, with the earmuff looking speaker pieces, and the rubber shit that surrounded your ears? That's what these look like, big orange and black 1970s headphones.

When we got home, we did fireworks here... not a bunch, just one thing. It was my birthday gift from my sister, and it was perfect. It was called "Nova" and I got all sappy about feeling like Nova was here for my birthday.

There was cake: Kory aspires to open his own bakery some day and bakes at every opportunity. It was good, white cake, chocolate/peanut butter icing. It's nearly gone now :) And there was singing, because birthday cakes and birthday songs go together.

I am, for the first time in quite some time, proud of a poem - I'm rather infatuated with "Fluent" and even like the audio version, because I used my accent to my advantage within the piece. Aren't I the fucking clever one?

I had Terra sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to ODEO earlier, but for some reason it never registered on the ODEO site, so I can't very well post it. Maybe I'll do it again later.

I got a $30 donation today for the Heart Walk, the total is now $1600 even. $400 to go on my goal. Team total stands at $1630, $1370 till we hit the team goal of $3000. Looks like I better get off my arse and do some serious fund raising in the real world, because nothing's happening for the kids. Maybe they'll get some donations from their teachers and the staff of the new schools, but by the time they go back, there will only be a couple of weeks left until the deadline. We can't wait until the last minute and expect a few teachers to donate a total of $970 in 2 weeks eh?

I need to start working out just how to get that fundraising skate party is going to work out. Like, who do you invite to such a thing, and how am I going to go about it? I'm thinking I'll do it right after school starts so that the kids can pass out invitations to the kids in their classes. September 5th looks like a likely date.

What else... hmmm. I lost track (I ran off to make banana splits!) Can't think... mouth full... mmmmmm, yummy.


  1. Erin, will a local radio station announce the skate party? We have a local station here that is popular with the middle school crowd and they announce just about every damn thing that goes on around here. That would be one way to get the word out. I guess it depends on how many kids you want there.

    And yes, planning it for after school starts is a great idea. It'll be a social event for them all to go and hang out with their new friends.

  2. I was thinking maybe talk to the principals at the schools and see if they would be willing to announce it to the school, hang posters around, and maybe even send flyers home with the kids?

    When I was living at home, my little sister (I think she was in 1st grade at the time) had a classmate with leukemia, and the family sent out flyers for some type of fundraiser (a bake sale, I think).

  3. I don't know about making an announcement on the radio, I'd love to have them do it, but there aren't any that I can think of that would do it for free.

    I'll call around and do some research, maybe they will.

    Good idea... and if not the principal, maybe I can talk some of their teachers into announcing it? The school is definitely a resource I've got to make use of.