Tuesday, July 25, 2006


So I've been insane about cleaning crazy stuff lately (closets that haven't been opened in months, cabinets, contemplating powerwashing the exterior...) and I kept saying it was like nesting, like a pregnant woman does when she gets close to delivering. You know, the house has to be spotless for the arrival of such an important person! Ya think maybe it was some weird ESP thing, like subconsciously I suspected the arrival of the newspaper people?

Yeah, me either. Sorry, just trying to find excuses for my sudden insanity and OCDism. And lord knows I've got a ton of things that I should have been cleaning other than closets no one will ever see. Pffft. Why wasn't I steam cleaning my carpets or de-lacing my corners!?

Yeah, y'all might not be seeing much of me, I've just thought up about 3000 hours worth of cleaning projects that simply must be done!

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  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I don't know what it is either, something in the water? The air? I have it too though. Washing throw pillows....the OCDism is the worst. What happened to the me that tossed a box of cereal at hungry toddlers and let them have at it. What happened to the woman who vacuumed the baby when she got into the potato sticks? My closet is color co-ordinated. My towels also. I organized all the photos from the last forever into neat boxes with lables and dates and cross matched them....yeah. Shoot me now please. What is it? Maybe someone will create a pill to make it go away...
    Whatever it is, ride it out and enjoy the freedom.