Saturday, July 1, 2006

$th of July Birthday wishlist

July 4th is my birthday, same as it ever was. I'll be 34. Thirty-four. I'm not having my mid-life crisis just yet, I don't want to waste it you know. I want to do it up right, after the kids are grown. Just 15 years to go! I'll be 49.

Speaking of 49, Billy isn't 49 anymore. He turns 50 today :) Happy Birthday Billy!

So, my birthday is coming, and though I'm honestly trying to pretend that it isn't, I know that no one else will, so I'm going to tell you all what I want for the momentous occasion of reaching the ripe old age of 34. Forgive me if most of them are things you can't deliver...

First, I want to skip the firework display uptown. I hate the traffic, I hate chasing kids around some parking lot I've never been to before. I hate worrying that one of them will disappear in the unfamiliar location. I hate having them beg, 100 times over, to please please please be allowed to sit on top of the van, which of course they can't do, because I worry about one of them falling off and cracking their skull on the the pavement, in the middle of some alien parking lot, and being unable to get them to the hospital amidst the throng of holiday firework watching traffic. Besides, I've seen damn near the exact same damn display one every other birthday ever.

I want to skip the cake, the candles, the singing, and the presents. All of that embarrasses me, and always has. There are no things that I want anyway.

I want to go out back after dark and stare at the full moon, the moon is more awe inspiring than any gaudy pyrotechnic cliche I can imagine. (Yes, I know it isn't going to be a full moon on the 4th.)

I want a warm-but-not-too-hot night, full of fireflies to chase, happy children that don't bicker, if only for a few hours, and a bonfire, over which we'll roast marshmallows, watch the kids play, and talk. Conversation is the most romantic gift...

After the children go to bed, I want to draw pictures in the night sky with sparklers. I love the way they linger and fade. I want to stare into the fire and watch the dying embers, and dream about whatever it is I see in them.

All in all, on this day, when the rest of the country is drinking too much, making lots of noise and celebrating loudly - while the United States is loudly proclaiming its pride and rejoicing about its power and lighting up the night sky with projectile miniature bombs and rockets, I want blinders and earplugs and quietude.

For my birthday, I want a star lit picnic on a blanket the color of earth, surrounded by the scent of freshly cut grass and campfire smoke. I'm tired of chaos and confusion, sick of all the noise and flashing lights. All I want is peace of mind, and a quiet heart.


  1. I'll send all your wants in a care package tied with a bow. :-) The physical things won't be there, coz well, I don't have a magic wand, but, within this box will be notes of "I love you's", HUGE, invisible hugs (enough to last till the end of the month) and all the warm wishes of a summer night that I can send you! Love you, Erin.

    We'll be celebrating with you, quietly. It's my Richie's 15th bday.

  2. Great way to spend any summer evening. I hope you receive all those things or at least some part of them. Happy Birthday...early.

  3. I want a star lit picnic on a blanket the color of earth, surrounded by the scent of freshly cut grass and campfire smoke. . . . All I want is peace of mind, and a quiet heart.

    That is one of the best birthday desires I have ever heard. I hope you get it!! (And if you do, let me know where you got it, 'cause I think I want some of that too.)

  4. I'll fly a loop d loop in your honor when I debut my airplane, the Wackemall One, at the Greensboro Parade on the 4th!

  5. Well, I put off doing anything about your birthday, so, you're safe there. A girl at work celebrates hers the same day and has taken the week off. I have a four-day weekend for the second week in a row and I love it! However, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I'm looking forward to finding out what the hell is wrong with my arm/elbow. I've had issues with it for the past week and a half.

    Any way, I do hope you have a great day and find most of what you're looking for this weekend.

  6. Star at the moon on my birthday and know I will think of you and yours fondly as I am too.

    How effing cliche did that sound?

    ya wanna slap me now or at the fabulous MTC convention

    when we have it

    HUGS and happy birthday, awesome lady!


  7. dbShhh, it's Erin's birthday tomorrow. Let's postpone the crackers for the following weekend, they're all half price on the fourth anyway...heck by next weekend they may be giving them away.

    Peaceful birthday Erin, now everyone be still. xx, Lori

  8. Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys. I appreciate it, and Mary, I'm so psyched about the painting!

  9. Have a great day (I'm only 15 minutes early...)