Thursday, July 27, 2006

A whole day!

Oy you're all in for a long post :-)

First, we met with the reporter today. She agreed to pretty much keep Poetic Acceptance out of the story and stick with Nova's Heart for the story. This is good news, as there is much here that my immediate circle and those who will be most interested in this story don't particularly need to read. I have moved some things to draft form, but I doubt I've moved it all. So that's a relief. I mean, my MOTHER is going to read this story, ya know?

She was, by the way, awesome. Very down to earth, and she even managed to get Scott talking, which means she must have used magic or some such thing. I've never seen him be so open about this stuff with a total stranger, and, I had the pleasure of hearing him answer the question, "What was it that attracted you to Erin?" and "And what makes you love her?"

I'm not telling you his answers, but I will tell you that he's always told me it was my ass that attracted him to me. That was not his answer today. Go figure. I will say that -for the record- in case anyone doubted it for a second, I adore my husband. He's been through a lot with me, for me, and because of me, and to be interviewed by a reporter was a huge thing for him. He isn't usually a talker.

Brendon started school this morning - he has the same 4th grade teacher that Kassi had. Small town, small school, not unusual I suppose, but it is the first time it's happened. He loves being back in school - god help him I don't know how he can when he has to catch the bus at 6am, but he does. He came home with the biggest smile today, and he looks adorable in the new school uniform, his little shirts are baby blue, and so are his eyes. He has his Daddy's eyes, which by the way, were the thing that attracted me to Scott, his eyes, in case anyone wanted to know.

I also got, and took, the opportunity to talk up Dr. Watts and Dr. Bensky, and the nurses, and the whole bunch at CMC. Whom, if I haven't said so lately, I adore, and still miss. I must make up an excuse to go visit!

I came home to email from Scott's sister, her NC vacation has been postponed, but not cancelled - and she and her husband made a donation this afternoon, I am now officially only $107 from my goal. Minus the money my sister has raised (is still raising) plus the money Gretchen has raised (is still raising) and the $32 that I have yet to apply to the donation page (thanks to 3-4 day electronic transfer times from Paypal to the bank!) Plus, all of August and part of September to continue to raise money, and a promise of a $500 donation on September 1st by one unnamed amaZing woman whom I've never met.

The story won't be out in the newspapers until after the Heart Walk... they want to use the Heart Walk as a photo opportunity, which is even cooler, because it will hopefully be an opportunity to get some shots of ALL the CHD families that will be there (Mika, Gina, all the support group families who come, and the fellow I met at the last AHA meeting, who wants to have a CHD area/tent at the Walk.) There is strength in numbers, and the more of us are there for the purpose of raising awareness for CHDs, the more impact the pictures will have.

So. Anything else? I have no idea. I'm all typed out, and I have a million (important) emails to send out to various people!

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  1. I'm so proud of you Erin, and happy for you, too. And look at you, taking your 15 minutes and turning it around to spotlight the doctors and nurses! If no one has told you lately, you're pretty darn wonderful.