Thursday, July 13, 2006


Some days are just roller coasters, for lack of a less cliched metaphor.

The friend I spoke of, whose feelings I hurt, I heard from her this morning, and she's found it in her heart to forgive my thoughtlessness and lack of control over my feelings/tongue. I love her, and I'm SO thankful.

Then I checked the mail (that came unusually early today, thankya ms. mailman!) and in it there was a card, with a donation, and a note that said the sender loves me, totally supports my efforts for the Heart Walk, and that she'd been hurt by some of the things I've said here on my blog.

Again, I've hurt someone dear to me, because I get too emotionally charged and emotionally attached to ideas that I forget to think before I speak, and become incapable of properly expressing myself.

Someday, I will learn to sit on my hands long enough to properly string my words together in a way that says what I mean and not some jumbled mess that misrepresents my thoughts and hurts those I love.

I swear sometimes, I think I should just stop blogging, and talking too for that matter.


  1. Don't you dare do such a thing. Sometimes words sting, but I think that for all the hurt feelings you may have caused, you've done the world a whole lot more good through your efforts here.

    I've heard it said that the things that hurt us most hurt because they are a reflection of some part of ourselves that we aren't quite comfortable with. I'm sure that, even if the words used weren't the best choice, they were meant with the purest of intent. Sometimes that's the best you can do.

  2. Just keep being your own sweet self (is that how they'd say it in NC?)!

  3. Coming from a person who constantly kicks herself every time she opens her mouth, I agree. One of the reasons you are special is that you show your humanity. That takes courage. More than most people have. Sure, you'll make mistakes. You're human.

  4. It all boils down to intent. I have no idea what this situations consists of, but no matter this fundamental idea speaks loudly. Without intent, personal perception does the hurt. Words, here, are merely an energy source to derive hurt from. It hurts no less, but I know you. To hurt is not your intention.

    I love you.

    ~ James

  5. you, my dear, must remain true to YOURSELF. We love you just as you are....remember that

  6. James is making all kinds of sense, isn't he? I was pretty sure this whole thing would buff out quickly just for the reasons he states.

    If I had a dime for every time I unintentionally hurt someone's feelings, I'd give them all to your team.

  7. Erin if you stop blogging, so will I. Now, maybe for some people they'd love if I quit. Maybe it's me? I dunno.

    Point being, whether or not I come here EVERY DAY or every other month, I have gotten used to you and I would miss you if you left.

    ANd I as the rest wish you wouldn't leave blogging and I as the res t who've responded: love ~you~.

    That coming from the King of sticking his foot in his mouth. . . .

    It happens. We apologize, hope it's taken sincerely and move on.

  8. Mike~
    As if I could shut up for any prolonged period of time!? I can't possibly stop blogging, even if I tried.
    James is a pretty smart cookie - I don't know how I got so lucky that he loves me!
    Staying true to myself is sometimes the hardest part of a day.
    Just glad that others recognize that I wouldn't hurt someone else intentionally!
    My humanity... My humanity may be why some people love me, but it's also the reason these 2 ladies were hurt. Why must every coin have 2 sides? :-)
    haha yep, that's how we say it... I can actually "hear" you saying it with the Southern drawl!
    You, like James, are one of those who know me, and my intentions, best. No way I'd hurt anyone on purpose (except maybe my ex-husband :-) )