Tuesday, July 25, 2006


During our time with Nova, several people emailed me and told me that they'd contacted various news outlets, suggesting that our ongoing experiences would make for a good human interest story. The first contacted The Charlotte Observer via phone from a very far away Midwestern type state, having fallen in love with the story of Nova's angel bear that Ang sent to me. The editor contacted me at the time and said that she would pass along the idea to several reporters who might be interested, but I was never contacted by said reporters.
I was, at a later time, emailed again by another woman who contacted The Charlotte Observer, but at that point, I didn't hear a word that gave me any indication that there was any interest, and so, I assumed there was none and thought no more about it.

This morning I got an email. Guess who? Yep, The Charlotte Observer, and they are very interested in doing a story. As in, we meet with the reporter at a local restaurant on Thursday at noon. I don't know if I'm more excited about having the opportunity to tell Nova and Alexis' stories for the sake of raising awareness, or if I'm more terrified at the concept of having a news crew in my living room! You guys know how weird I am about having people in my house! I mean, it's in horrible shape, and I'm too broke to renovate and redecorate in the next 2 days... But she wants to do an in depth story not only about Nova and Alexis, but of our family and our journey through all of it. I've had a knot in my gut since I read the email. I don't know how to do this. I am a notably un-newsworthy person. She said the last time I was in the newspaper was when I was in a car wreck (the one that freaked me out so badly that I still don't drive...)in 1988.

So, we'll see how this goes. Y'all know me. I can't keep my mouth shut about anything and I'm sure you'll get regular updates. Assuming, of course, that I eventually start breathing again.


  1. Woah! Talk about cool! I'm so happy that you're going to have the chance to get the story out there! And as a secondary perk, imagine what it'll do for your fundraising attempts!

    But most importantly, Nova and Alexis deserve their story to be read, as do you, my dear.

    And, ummm, call me stupid, but wouldn't it be more appropriate to do the interview out in the garden? Ahem, the memory garden. That would also save you from the whole "people in the house" thing, which I completely understand.

    Can't wait to get my copy! I'm so proud of you, and of your family, E.

  2. Ah, the garden, might be an option except that it's a tiny little memory garden of which about half the plants have died, and another 1/4 have yet to be bought and planted (apparently Hosta Supernova is hard to find, and damned expensive -for my budget anyway) Plus, it's like 110 degrees out there! Maybe I can make the idea work though, I might just come up with some way to manage that. God I'm such a total freak about that people-in-my-house thing. Why can't I just be normal!?

  3. Smacks forehead! My sister-in-law's dad is a Hosta gardener. From what I understand, he has over 300 different types in his garden. I'll check with her to see if there's a place he recommends for ordering them. I don't know much about them. Are they easy to transplant? I mean, can you grow them from clippings? If so I may have your hookup. I'll check with her now.

  4. I'm the same, about People In My House, that is. Sure, WriterMom and her family are welcome, and you would be welcome, and a couple of local friends even have drop-in privileges, but damned if I wasn't out smoking on the patio Friday afternoon when my former mother in-law DROPPED IN. We're friendly and all that, but I'd just as soon keep our meetings to public places, like Chinese Restaurants, you know?

    I once invited a girlfriend over and she suggested I change my kitchen wallpaper. A girlfriend! I agreed with her, but I have not changed my wallpaper. Because it's MY HOUSE!

    Way off track there.

    This will be so cool. Keep us posted. Let us know when to tune it!

  5. Just tell her to read the stuff you have already written in your blogs! You probably write better than she does anyway. Yours is honest and often funny and more often full of hurt and love and hope and rage....

    Show her Nova's wonderful blog. Anyway. Whatever, and wherever. You'll do great!

  6. Ang~ I have no idea if they can be propogated that way. I know that they multiply and every year or 2, they have to be separated and spread out.

    You'd never know it by the way I spill everything here, but I'm a very private person in real life. Even my family knows better than to come without calling - but she wants to take pictures! My house is 50+ yrs old, and looks like it's 100+ (like where the tiles just fall off the bathroom walls...)and there are FIVE kids in this house! It's never clean, clean is impossible! (Gee can you tell I'm nervous?)
    She's read some at both blogs, and said she wants to read 100% (of both) before she prints this story. Which made me realize that there were more than a few entries here that I needed to put back as drafts for a while! Some things, some people do not need to know!

  7. Hell, my house isn't even half as old as yours and it looks about the same. And I don't have five kids running around either!

    I read that hostas can be divided, and I've put an email out to the SIL, so next time she talks to her dad, we'll find out if he has any supernovas out there in his garden. If so, you generally divide them in spring, so I've read, and I think I could talk him into parting with a few divisions. :)

  8. Good for you honey. Get the story out and just be your own charismatic and beautiful self. You will do wonderfully. I have all the faith in you. You are a story teller, E. Spin your tale and spread the truth and knowledge to the world...:-) No fear, hon...this is all happening coz it's supposed to and I'm right there with you.

  9. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Hehe, I have read a few of those you might want to move to drafts...might be a good idea.
    It's about damn time they got around to you! Sheesh!
    Don't worry about the house, don't worry about any of it. I am selective as to who comes to my house too, but sometimes, the greater good outweighs everything else. Keep riding this cleaning high and let them come. If you build it they will come. You built it, now they are starting to come...