Saturday, July 8, 2006

I can't take it

Another walk tonight, this one a little over 3 miles, with 2 teenage boys to keep me company. Hung more flyers. Saw that most of the ones we hung last night were still up. Requested more posters from the AHA. Got some indication from a customer that they'd soon be making a donation, they requested that Scott bring them a donation form, so I'm pretty sure that's a good sign. And the same indication from a dear friend who needs some time to deal with some personal stuff. Just knowing it's a consideration is a morale booster. We also got an email from Lauri, the AHA rep, asking if we'd be at the "Kick Off" next Tuesday. We got invitations in the mail, got an invitation via email, then she emailed to make sure we'd be there. I know we're just peons in the big picture, but Lauri does a good job of making you feel important and special.

Scott decided that on Mondays -the day he sets aside for side jobs and extra work- he's going to start passing out flyers for the business to pick up new customers, and do some lawns for dirt cheap (as in, he'll be charging about what the neighborhood kid charges, for professional service) and that money will go into the Heart Walk.

I'm going to have a yard sale in the morning, if I can get my rump up early enough to make it worth it, and sell what's left of Nova's things, for the Heart Walk. Fitting I think, difficult, but fitting.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll have my hair repaired. I'll take a poster and a flyer with me. (Never miss an opportunity... According to the pep-talk-paperwork from the AHA the #1 reason people donate is because they're asked. Sounds simple enough eh?) Maybe on tomorrow night's walk, I'll stuff newspaper boxes with the version of the flyer that has his picture on it. His gorgeous little face is pretty convincing.

Tommy got a phone call tonight, from the sister of the little girl that he snuck into his room overnight 2 months ago - she says the girl thinks she's pregnant. I'm too angry (angry, because my reaction to all things: fear, concern, sadness, is anger) to have much to say about that right now. Timing seems funny according to my math, but what the hell do I know? What I do know is that if it's Tommy's baby, she conceived on May 1st - she's nearly 12 weeks pregnant already, so why in the world did it take her this long to take a pregnancy test? All I'm saying is that there will be a paternity test.

Sorry, I'll admit that I hope she isn't really pregnant, and I hope that it isn't Tommy's. If it IS his, then I'll obviously expect him to support his child and face responsibility, but this little girl is fucked up, manipulative, promiscuous, and a liar (and that's according to her sister, mother, and grandmother) so I'm not willing to just "accept" that my son is this baby's father without a healthy dose of skepticism.


  1. Oh, Jesus. I love you, Erin. Big hugs.

  2. You sound like a very strong woman, I doubt if I could do all that you are doing. I also have a teenager and I worry about things like that. Hope it works out okay for your son.

  3. OMG, Erin. I hope he's not the father. OMG. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this.