Wednesday, July 5, 2006

not for naught?

Hey, just had an idea!

I have 16 copies of Poetic Acceptance... I was going to leave them in my drawer until they rotted away. I tried to get Shaela to make things right by donating to the Walk, but she's not exactly the generous type, and I'd make a bet that the only cause she'd donate to would be either her own, or one she could steal from, so here's my idea:

How about I sell the 16 copies I have, $8 a pop, plus a buck to cover shipping and handling, and donate that money to the Walk? I know the webpage at the AHA site won't accept donations less than $25, which probably stops some people from donating, but $9 (via Paypal) is pretty doable, right? And if I sell all of them, that's another $128 to the Walk :)

Granted, some of the poetry could use some polish, and as a collection, it does lack arc, but for a first attempt, it's decent, and worth it for a cause this good, right?

AND it would give this whole chapbook debacle a positive ending, right? So, any interested parties can click the "make a donation" button, donate $9 and include your mailing address in the "notes" section, and I'll send out a copy to you ASAP.

I'm going to keep a running list of buyers here, updating as each copy sells and the first copy has been sold!

Thank you Gretchen! I'll get it into the mail tomorrow! (sent!)
Thank you Zilla, 3 copies are reserved for you!
12 copies left!


  1. Wait, wait! Can you reserve three copies for me? (Yes, I'm a pig.) I'd like one for myself, and I've got two friends I'd like to share with. Please?

    Could I just send a check or cash?

    What's up with me and special favors.

    The begging isn't over. I've got to email you later anyway.

  2. What's up with me and punctuation and sorority girlspeak? Shoot me now.

  3. Of course I will reserve 3 copies for you Zilla! Sorority girlspeak and all.

    Check, money order, cash, whichever. I'll email you my address :)

  4. Hey friend,

    Send me a copy (email to follow) with the following caveat. I will pay you $33, and claim $25 of that as a tax-deduction. Is that ok?