Thursday, July 20, 2006

Salsa con Queso

Salsa con Queso
plain ol' cheese, with a little spice

Today has been laundry day, as if there are days in this house that aren't laundry days. Actually, I've been a little 'backed up' and had enough to choke a giraffe and woke up with some strange need to get it all done. I tried to pass it off as gas, but that wasn't helping me find my laundry room floor, or my last pair of underwear (haha as if!) so I devoted myself to housework. Great thing about laundry, it lends itself well to multitasking.

I figured while I was up, I may as well clean the livingroom and do some dusting, ok not really, but I did clean up the toys, and did some dancing. Terra got a My Little Pony something-or-other toy for her birthday, and it plays music. One song, repeatedly, and she loves it, especially if she can con someone into dancing with her. I'm a push over. I can't resist the unadulterated joy in her little face when I'm spinning her around and I'll even admit that I think it's adorable when she pokes her little butt out and sings "shake your booooo-teeee!"

So, back to laundry, that's the bad thing about laundry, you have to keep going back to it. Into the washer, out of the washer, into the dryer, out of the dryer, then everything's all warm and fuzzy. All that in and out stuff, kind of sounds like white load porn eh? Speaking of which, what's the deal with the washer-on-spin-cycle perversion thing? I was folding a load and the washer went of balance, but I didn't want to stop folding long enough to redistribute the sopping wet laundry so I just leaned against it to stop the noise while I was folding. It might have been enough to turn me on a little, but definitely not enough to, you know, fluff my whites or brighten my colors. Maybe I was doing it wrong.

Today I also received my latest eBay purchase: cookie cutters. No, I don't bake, you all know me better than that! They're for the baby shower for my niece, they're shaped like baby bottles and baby carriages. I think they'll make cute finger sandwiches with different meats and cheeses. I also bought a watermelon. I'm going to make a watermelon baby carriage fresh fruit basket sort of like this. How artsy-fartsy of me eh?! Yeah, we'll see...

I wish I had a camera that worked, I'd take pictures of all my culinary creations (or culinary crises) for your viewing pleasure.


  1. I wish you had a camera so someone could take pictures of you and Terra dancing to the music of My Little Pony. Of course, food is always good, too. Someone once wrote that if you want your novel to be successful, include a lot of scenes with well-described food!

  2. had a full day!! LOL I had typed "fool" at first! silly me. :-p

    I bet the cookie cutters are adorable and you'll make something magnificent!

  3. Funny, I've been searching for a train shaped cookie cutter on ebay this week for the same purpose. Little crustless train sandwiches for our picky little birthday guests. :)

    And on the washer thing. I never got it either, but I found it's usefulness when J was a baby. He was the colicky, fussy, had to be held constantly type. The only time I could set him down at all was when I'd place his carseat on top of the spin-cycling washer. Made doing laundry something to look forward to.

    For a while I even moved the rocking chair in next to the washer and dryer and set up camp there. :)

    Glad you had a productive day. And I'd love to see Terra doing the booty dance! She and Jonas would make a great pair. He's got that latin dance gene, for sure. :)