Monday, December 5, 2005

Why? Why not!?

I'm trying to blow some time entertaining myself with silly stuff till 1:30, thought I'd share.

Origin: Irish, Gaelic
Meaning: Dark; brown-haired chieftain.

Origin: English
Meaning: the Lord is gracious, Zain (Hindu) means godly light.

Origin: French
Meaning: The light

Zodiac Sign:
11/22 - 12/21

Chinese Sign:

Astrological Chart


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Sorry.

    These are some great pictures.

    These Irish eyes are definately smiling.

  3. ERIN!!! Congratufuckinglations! I was just checking in on you from work - haven't had internet since last week. Should be up today. I am sending you SO much love. I will let you know when I have my new email address. Give Nova some kisses from me. And take a few for yourself. :o)

  4. You were so late posting yesterday, that I, too, checked in from work this morning. I'm glad everything is still going well.

  5. That's what happens when you switch off the computer, you see? You take a few days off to go to Paris with your wife and when you get back, Erin's baby's born and you missed it! Still, many, many good, warm wishes to you, baby and the rest of the family. I'm sorry to be so tardy, but this is my first evening back on line since 28th last.

  6. Hey, girl, congrats! He's a fine-looking boy. I'm glad he's not on the respirator, I've heard that causes problems later. So the longer he can breathe on his own the better. :)