Sunday, December 4, 2005

More pics

More pictures from today! He's still doing really well, no changes except that he had some blood pressure issues, every time there were loud noises or anything that upset him, his bp went up, so they put him on "minimal stimulation" which means they keep the lights low in his area most of the time and keep him quiet as much as possible. That 3rd picture is evidence of the offensive binky... I hate the damned things, but he loves his, pink and all, and who am I to deprive him?


  1. Judith12:37 AM

    Erin, I'm Belinda's mother and I want you to know that I am praying frequently for Donovan Zane (thank you for using a name so precious to me) and for you and your entire family. I am so sorry that he has the problems he has but I know that an innocent newborn is very close to his Creator and God has him in His loving hands. I pray that you will give yourself over to God also so that he can strengthen you for whatever Nova's future is. I pray that God will use this beautiful little boy to provide medical breakthroughs and make him your miracle child! I realize that only God knows Nova's future, whether it is with his family on earth or with his Heavenly Father, but I pray that God will use this little life in a special way.
    My own beautiful boy, Christopher Zane, was born with a heart that was not strong enough for this life and at 3 months, he gave up the battle. I still love him and look so forward to being with him again one day. When my husband, Zane, died, I was comforted by the thought of father and son finally being together, with both of them now perfected!
    Belinda makes sure I am up to date on Nova's condition and my prayers will continue.
    You have a precious family and even though I don't know you personally, I love you. You are courageous and honest and your husband and children are so fortunate to be yours.
    Take care of yourself during this trying time and I pray for more good news from Donovan Zane!

  2. Judith~
    Thank you so much, for giving me your blessing to use the name Zane, and for caring enough to stop by here and to get updates from Belinda. I have been so touched by the number of people who care about, pray for and send thoughts to my family through all of this. I don't know how we got so lucky as to have so many people who care, but it means a lot to us to have so many pulling for us, and for Nova in particular. But somehow your thoughts mean a little more, maybe because of the name - maybe due to something more. Whatever the reason, I want you to know just how much it means to me to know that he's in you thoughts. Thank you.

  3. Erin:

    I popped on over here from Belinda's site. I've never been here before so please bear with me.

    At first I was a little lost when I saw Donovan's picture and then read the name Nova. I kept looking for a twin. Then it dawned on me - Donovan. I'm not the brightest peg on the Lite Brite board.

    He is a beautiful child - truly a gift from Heaven. It breaks my heart knowing of his condition. I wish I could do more than just pray for him.

    I don't know if you are a religious person (since this is my first visit) but I thought I'd share with you what someone told me a long time ago. I had a run of life altering changes that occured in less than a year (i.e, layoffs, deaths, fires, pregnancy, etc). I thought God hated me and was punishing me for something pretty major (what that was I had no clue). But then someone told me that God grants in our lives what He knows we can handle. Who that person was I can't say ('cause I can't remember for the life of me). Regardless, it put a positive spin on every situtaion that was happening in my life. Of course, I wish He didn't think I could handle THAT much but I obviously must be able to. I have never forgotten those words (though I parphrase it from time to time). That phrase has carried me the worst of my days ever since then.

    Please know the whole of your family are in my prayers.

  4. Erin, he is beautiful. I'll be checking in often.

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