Saturday, December 3, 2005


A recent picture of me - for the laugh :) Do these eyes look mischeivous or what? heh - no idea what I was thinking.


  1. This doesnt count as a recent picture, cause you can't even see your face!! BOO!!

  2. CONGRATS ERIN!!! Ya'll are so boootiful!!

  3. It does too count!!! Besides, it's the best picture of me that's been taken in years! I look my best behind what Scott refers to as my "bird flu mask" lol.

    Mandie thanks - I kinda think he's bootiful too. I know, that's my job :) but I think he's almost edible he's so cute.

  4. hi e / well girl / good work
    so far / you guys look good

    so strange to wear a mask
    to hold your baby / but better than
    not hold ing him at all / /

    oh erin / i hope you are doing well
    i think your eyes are smiling in the picture :D

    i'm think ing you / & nova
    take it easy girl

    love all ways *hugs & kisses*


  5. Jenn~
    The mask is only because I've had this damn cold lately and can't seem to get rid of the cough. No one wants him to get a respiratory infection, so I wear the mask. Kinda hard to give him kisses with it, but at least I can hold him and snuggle him up.

    And yes, I was actually laughing in that picture because Scott was making fun of me and my mask. Personally, I think this picture is a good argument for my firm belief that I should have been born in India, I have the eyes for one of those veils, don't you think? ;) Of course, the belly is slightly lacking for the belly dance costume yet lol.

  6. I know you were so worried earlier about still being sick when you had your baby that you wouldn't be able to hold him. I'm so glad to see him in your arms.

    A beautiful picture!


  7. Thank you Cicero! It is a cute little baseball head isn't it?

  8. God bless you all, E. Thoughts and prayers go out to your whole family!