Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Can you believe that the year is nearly gone? It really scares me sometimes to realize just how fast time goes by.

  • 5 days till Christmas.
  • 11 days till 2006.
  • 22 days till the 14 year anniversary of the day I met Scott. Fourteen years for fuck's sake.
  • 57 days till he turns 34 (haha, you're getting old baby!)

  • It's all about perspective, you know? Three months will be gone before we know it. And I still can't quite grasp the idea of taking Nova back to the hospital for the surgery. I mean, March is what, tomorrow, right?


    So I wrote a poem the other night - in the dark, in the truck, on the way to the hospital, without the benefit of pen and paper. Something about the moon - it's always something about the moon. I feel like my poetry has become so redundant. Time for a new theme I guess. It's just that the moon has always been such an integral part of me for so long. I remember being a kid, elementary school aged, and even then feeling something almost spiritual about the moon. I feel kind of hokey to say that, but it's true anyway.

    Someone told me once that being a Cancer had something to do with it, that Cancers are sensitive to the moon's movements or some such thing. I don't know about that - but I do know that the full moon is a symbol of fertility, which is pretty damn fitting eh?


    I have so much on my mind lately, and so little time or energy to get it all out. I spend an hour and 20 minutes a day in my bathroom with the moo machine... 8 times a day, 10 minutes per trip, and that's what time I have to myself really - that's what time I have to compose my thoughts and my blog entries, most of which never make it here. I suppose I could take the laptop in there with me. . . LOL, my own private office. Hell by the time I got it set up, loaded up and logged on, I'd be done with my 10 minute bathroom visit.


    So, this is supposed to be a poetry blog. I wonder where the poetry went? It's turned into quite the mom-blog eh? It wouldn't matter anyway though, even if I were writing poetry, it would most likely be about, or inspired by, Nova anyway. I think I'll go see if I can re-write that poem I was writing the other night.


    1. Your momminess is what creates your poetry anway, so yes, there is poetry here. The poetry of life or something cheesy like that.

      Lmao at the thought of you typing away with the double pump hooked up and going to town. I have to tell you that I'm incredibly jealous that it only takes you ten minutes at a time. And incredibly proud that you've decided to continue with breastfeeding despite the difficult thing it has been.

      Don't worry about the poms, They'll be there for the writing when the time is right. For now, just keep telling us all about that beautiful little boy of yours.

    2. Yeah, get with the poetry, 'cuz you're nominated in the poetry category for the 2005 BOB Awards.

      No pressure. ;-)

    3. Ang, lmao, can't ya just see it?! Great mental image, a modern day Norman Rockwell painting I tell ya!

      Ten minutes, yup... if there's anything I can do and do well, it's milk! Happy, productive lil cow that I am lol. Too bad ya can't choose your talents... I'd trade in my milkability for some sort of financial/investment thing.

      Belinda!? BOB? Seriously?! Oy!
      "No pressure" she says lmao! Thanks for the vote of confidence, now I seriously have to post some poetry! Ohhh lord, now I have to WRITE some poetry!

      haha, I do my best work under pressure ;)

    4. I don't believe in that astrology nonsense. But then Pisces are supposed to be cynical, aren't they?

    5. Erin,

      What are the BOB awards? Where can info be found on them?