Saturday, December 17, 2005


He has his days and nights mixed up... lol, I forgot what that was like. I haven't slept in 2 nights, I have to get him straightened out!

The nursing thing... well, it was great while it lasted, but for anyone with any experience, you understand what I mean when I say "bad latch" right? He had nipple confusion and didn't want to latch on at all, and when he did, it was bad, very very bad. He was torturing me, not to mention that he wasn't nursing effectively, and was therefore going hungry.

Bottle feeding it is, I can deal with that. Actually, I can deal with it much better than the pain, or knowing he isn't eating enough. Besides, now Dad can feed him too, which makes Dad happy :)

I have the world's worst headache right now. OK maybe not worst but I can't see or think straight, so that's all y'all get for now.


  1. You need to rest, yeah right with all that's going on. I'm glad he's home though :)

  2. God bless the bottle! That means you don't get stuck with ALL the two am feedings! Yay!

    Wow! He gets to stay home until February! That's incredible news! I've got a box all packed up with the warmest of Jonas's baby clothes. If I can make it to the post office Monday, it'll be on it's way and hopefully there before Christmas.

    Dying for a family picture in front of the tree. But I suppose you could take a nap first. :)

  3. Don't sweat the small stuff. I'm covering two posts with this entry. Hearing and circumcision are nice, but the other stuff is more important. Jon and I turned out fine with our hearing issues, don't you think?

    Take care of yourself and the little guy. You still have a long journey ahead, but at least he'll be making it with you.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Erin, how is Scott doing?

  5. Hi, Erin,

    I'm sorry I'm late in getting here to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!


  6. Rest comes in small increents lately, and that's ok. It's no different than with any of the other kids, I think I just sort of forgot what it was like. Plus, to be honest, I was unprepared because I thought he'd be in the hospital longer, so, oddly, this lack of sleep comes as a weird kind of surprise lol.

    Ang... I still have to pump every three hours lmao, so I'm still up, even if Dad's holding Nova and the bottle! I'll be looking for the package :)

    My point exactly... the circ and the left ear are backburner issues for now. The circ can be done later, or not at all, makes no difference to me, and the left ear, well there's not a thing I can do about that one way or another anyway, and the nurses said it was fairly normal to fail one side at birth anyway. So I'm just not going to be concerned about it.

    Scott is doing really well - totally different than with Alexis. And you've never seen a Daddy more attentive or in love. Much more open about what's going on in his head too, which I'm glad to see. I've always felt like he never really allowed himself to deal with the way things went with Alexis, so it's good, really good, to see him reacting differently now. Of course, I'm handling it totally different too, so I suppose having faced this once before just changes the way you look at things.

    Thank you dear - and please don't apologize, you've had your plate full lately. How are you doing?

  7. Ouch!

    Don't worry about the ear whatsoever - A LOT of baby's fail them in the hospital. (Mine did, and he's fine now.)

    Congrats on being at home and enjoy!