Sunday, December 18, 2005


First, I want to apologize for how little time I've spent lately on anyone else's blog. I know you all understand that I'm busy and preoccupied with Nova, but I apologize anyway. I feel a little selfish, so tomorrow I'm going to try to make my rounds through my list of blogs. I'm seriously behind on linkage too, with the Tarheel Tavern and the Poetisphere Poet of the Week, so I'll try to catch up there too.

I got my Modern Review December Issue about a week ago. I've read a few poems out of it, but not much. Not for lack of interest, but lack of time! Nova has his first doctor's appointment with his pediatrician tomorrow, so maybe I'll get some reading done during the wait there. Then again, Nova isn't supposed to spend time with other kids/people much, so I'm hoping we won't wait long in the waiting room. The hospital set up the appointment at 3:45 in hopes that the timing would eliminate much waiting. Doesn't make sense to me to make the appointment at the end of the day and expect NOT to wait, but what do I know?

The nurses from Labor and Delivery at Union Regional (I can't quite remember to call it Carolina's Medical Center - Union yet) asked me to keep them all updated on Nova and how he's doing, so maybe I'll sneak him up to the second floor to say hello after the appointment. There aren't a lot of sik people in Labor and Delivery... unless you consider pregnancy a sickness (which sometimes I think it sort of qualifies lol)

Terra is adapting to being not the baby a lot better than I expected - so far at least. She's so totally infatuated with him that she hasn't thought to be jealous yet. Kassi wants to hold him all the time and can't quite figure out why I won't let her. It's hard, I think, for her to remember that there's anything wrong with him, or any reason for the answer to be no, since he's so completely normal/healthy looking so far. The boys, on the other hand, are basically oblivious to his existence. Typical male-child response I guess.

Mom wants to hold him all the time too, but she's a little afraid of him, and is completely convinced that crying would be detrimental to his health. She just can't stand it for him to cry, and says it scares her. It isn't a big deal for him to cry actually, I mean, it isn't like the nurses in the hospital dropped the other babies and went running everytime he whimpered. I have the distinct feeling that we're going to have him spoiled rotten in no time flat. I feel a little sorry for the nurses that have him after we take him back.

My sister came to see him yesterday. Of course, seeing as it was daytime, he slept the whole time. I mean slept. Out like a light, seriously snoozing. I guess I'll have to tell people to visit in the middle of the night if they want to see him awake.

I still have that headache from 2 days ago. I don't know what the problem is, but it's killing me. I'm not big on taking a lot of meds anyway, but breastfeeding limits what I can take. I know damn well a Goody's would kick this headache's ass, but aspirin is a no-no. :| So basically I'm waiting for it to either spontaneously stop hurting, or for my head to fall off or something.

Christmas is in a week - y'all ready? I'm not. I still have a few things I need to buy, damn it. I HATE last minute shopping! I fully intended to be DONE with all of it long before now. Unfortunately, one of the things I ordered never came so I had to cancel that order and get a refund, but that means I have to go out to get the replacement. And I still haven't gotten a thing for Mom. Why can't she dislike some stuff. That whole thing about "I like everything" just makes shopping for her impossible!

Anyway, I'm going to upload a few more photos, mostly of Nova, some of the ice that covered everything when we brought him home... and I'll see if I can figure out that movie thing too.


  1. No need to apologize for anything. We are all keeping up with you here and you'll get to our blogs whenever you have more time. No rush.

  2. E, the box I'm sending has something that's technically for everyone, but especially for your mom. I'm not going to post it here, but maybe you've figured it out anyway...? Anyhoo, so there's one little surprise for her coming your way. :)

  3. thanks for the new pics.
    the whole going up and down to and fro the hospital has worn you out Erin, remember you are still a "living-in woman" and you need lots of rest so make the most of it during the periods Nova is not asking for anything. (and the other children are not in need of attention)

    Christmas shopping can skip this year who cares?
    and as far as your headache, I think that is the hormonal change and the stress from the last weeks that now finally can surface. That usually happens when quiter times arrive.

  4. Girl, you just take care of what's important. We'll all still be here. Kisses to Nova, please.