Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Cost of a Star

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was, of course, amazing - I mean seriously, I had Nova here, which I didn't expect to be a part of the plan - my sister came by with her husband, my brother came by. I made a pineapple glazed ham for the first time this year, and surprised myself with the level of hey this doesn't suck! that I achieved with it! Seriously, I'm NOT a great cook, and I typically shy away from trying too many new recipes, especially on a holiday... But that ham was really good.

Then we overdosed on desserts, because as far as we're concerned, Christmas isn't about presents, it's about CHOCOLATE - in its various forms of course. Chocolate cream pie, chocolate peanut butter cake, fudge, candy, chocolate chip cookies... And this year my mother made the one dessert that her father used to make every Christmas - Raisin Pie. I wasn't thrilled, but it seemed to make her feel all warm fuzzy/nostalgic/happy.

I haven't yet found the time or energy to crop and fix and upload the Christmas pics, but soon, I promise. There's one of Nova in one of the outfits that Erin sent that is absolutely edible!. The rest, well, it was 5 am (don't even ask) and most of us were pretty much asleep through the gift-unwrapping bit. But later on we got some decent pics, and those I'll share with you... Soon.

I forgot, apparently, how exhausting it can be to have a newborn. I also apparently forgot how to multi-task. Too much to do, too little me to go around!

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