Saturday, December 31, 2005

a few pics

A few pics from Christmas and beyond. . .
Nova on christmas day
Terra on Christmas day
The whole bunch on Christmas day
The whole bunch except Tommy on Christmas day
Chocolate Peanutbutter Christmas cake
Nova a couple of days after Christmas


  1. I absolutely love the Christmas Tree dress!

  2. Ok, so where's the one of you in the red and white fur-trimmed bra and panties set? :-P

  3. Congrats on being

    Poetisphere Poet Of The Week

  4. V~
    That outfit is actually a jumper, and the coolest thing is that the part with the christmas tree on it is removeable and reversible - and on the other side it has tulips - for Easter :) Very cool, very old fashioned, conservative, and pretty damned adorable too!

    And yeah, I just realized I was Poet of the Week! Thanks for the congrats, but, I feel bad since there isn't much poetry lately...

    E2 LMAO, I gave the only copy to Santa, in hopes of getting really good presents.

  5. Nice pictures and I hope the whole world will know YOU are poet of the week