Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Packages and Asses

Lately my blog posts are taking days to finish - it's crazy how all of a sudden I can't get anything accomplished. You'd think I was a first time mother! lol. So I'm going to try to get a couple of days worth of updates posted, and maybe I'll actually finish this post - although it's time for Nova to eat, so we'll see...

So let's see - on Christmas Eve Jon called me - Jon von Nottingham of Moontown fame that is. I get seriously tickled when he calls. I have so much respect for him, not to mention that I just flat out adore him. And for him to call and not only wish me a Merry Christmas, but to reassure me about Nova's health, well, considering that it's his first Christmas since losing his daghter, it meant a lot to hear from him. God knows I wasn't thinking much about calling other people to wish them a Merry anything the year Alexis died.

Yesterday I went to the doctor and got all the final stuff done to get my tubal scheduled. I will be sterile as of the 26th of January. I have mixed emotions about that, but more positive than negative. I might actually fully enjoy sex again once I don't have to worry about getting pregnant again! I'll probably also be a little lost afterward, and a lot scared before hand because I really have an aversion to any kind of surgical procedure. I'm chicken shit :)

I got a package from Ang today. My GOD there was so much stuff in that box! I probably won't have to buy a thing for him other than diapers for MONTHS! And she sent me this sling/front carrier thing that absolutely kicks ass! He loves it, all snuggled against my chest while I do my stuff - cooking, cleaning, whatever. I actually have TWO hands at all times, and thanks to Ang, might just manage to get something DONE around here lol. And the clothes that were in there, good lord, seriously, so MUCH stuff - and a lot of it was gowns! I love gowns, they're so much simpler for diaper changes! And lemme tell ya, this boy believes in making some dirty diapers, Mucho mierda! But there's another good thing about a breastfed baby - the poop doesn't stink like a formula fed baby :) :) (and spit up doesn't stain either!)

I think Nova has thrush, but I also think I might be a little overly paranoid about him... He isn't acting like he has thrush, but his tongue is all white - but his gums and lips aren't, and he eats just fine. . . Anyway, I made an appointment for the morning so I'll know for sure. I know I worry too much with him, and over-react where he is concerned, but better safe than sorry, and to be honest, with the heart condition, I don't know how well he'd tolerate a fungal infection, you know? So much of healing is about circulation and oxygenation - which he, as healthy as he is, has a diminished circulatory system which would effect his ability to recuperate. So it's to the pediatrician at 10:45am in the morning. Then at 2:15 we have to go see the cardiologist. Busy day tomorrow. I've seen more doctors in the last few months than I ever have before, and I figure that will continue to be the case for quite some time.

Today, Terra called Kassi an asshole. Twice. I don't even know where she heard it. I won't lie, we cuss, probably more than most, but asshole isn't one of our favorite words... I mean, if she said damn shit or hell, I wouldn't be all that surprised, but asshole isn't something we say a lot, so I don't know where that came from.

Speaking of Terra and asses... she caught a peek at Nova when I was changing his diaper yesterday. At 2, she has no idea what the physical difference between boys and girls is... so, seeing that he was so completely different than she is, decided that obviously something was wrong with him, and proclaimed that, "him's butt's fallin' out!" Apparently, the way she sees it, he has parts on the outside that are just supposed to be inside, Maybe she wanted a sister?

OK, well, I think that's all I can think of for now, and the moo machine calls (check me out, I managed to do two things at once and fed Nova while I typed! Yay me!) and after that, I really need to fold the 2 loads of laundry that are in my livingroom chair... I've been aiming myself in that direction for hours but haven't actually FOLDED them yet... can anyone say procrastination?


  1. Good to read that all is going well
    Erin. What a gift from Ang- free hands and snuggle time too.

    Hope you have a wonderful new year.

    Best to you and yours~

  2. I used slings too and I even rode on my bicycle with one child in the seat and one in the sling and lots of groceries in bags hanging at the side of the bike. (I did not have a car back then). SLINGS ARE SO HANDY.
    I remember when my son was born, I had 3 daughters at that time (four, three and 18 months) My 3-year old daughter saw the dried naval string fell off at 10 days and she was very frightened and pointed at him asking is that going to fall off too? LOL

  3. I'm so glad that you had a good Christmas and things are going well for you and your family! I see that you've kept your sense of humor.

  4. There will be more time for blogging as time goes by. Just don't forget us. Enjoy what you have. Happy New Year.

  5. Ginger~
    Things are going well, and we're concentrating on enjoying this time, with the holidays and Nova home. I hope that your Christmas was wonderful as well - and that the New Year is doubly so!

    Lmao @ that! Aren't kids a hoot!?
    As for riding with one kid in a sling, plus one in the seat and groceries all over... I doubt I'm that coordinated! I'd be peddling along praying it was the groceries I dropped and not one of the kids lol!

    My sense of humor has been my saving grace more than once! I mean sometimes it's either laugh or cry and I'm not really much of a cryer :)

    Miss V~
    I could never forget any of you guys! And it isn't really a lack of time, because Nova sleeps like a champ most of the day (but not much at night lol) it's just that I rarely have the energy to do much reading/commenting lately. I'm sure that I'll get his schedule flipped soon, and then I'll be in a different (saner) state of mind!