Tuesday, December 20, 2005

finally, the movie

A Yawn, 3 Sneezes and the Hiccups

OK that should be the movie. Apparently, it wasn't me at all, it was my host blocking the link. Probably a bandwidth thing or something.


  1. Oh Erin! What a doll! Heh, it's so sad to watch babies with hiccups, they look absolutely stunned with each one. And the sneezes! Too cute. I swear, you could show us a video of him taking a crap and we'd all swoon. What a gorgeous little man he is!

  2. The movie was adorable. After having it tell me it was loading for 10 minutes, I finally downloaded it. I would have liked to have heard you better, though. Scotty came through clearly.

    BTW, nice ponytail!

  3. Ang~ He is a seriously cute lil pooper :) Stinky, but cute!

    lmao@nice ponytail - I so totally hate my hair right now!

    Yeah, Scotty came through so clearly because he had the camera - I was not only further away, but I was also being quiet so I didn't wake up every baby in the nursery lol.