Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

Jon called me tonight. Jon von Nottingham of Moontown Cafe fame. I've known him for years, but never even spoke to him on the phone until just a few months ago. You'd have to understand how much I love and respect Jon to understand how much a call from him means. He assures me that Nova will be absolutely fine. As I recall, what he said was something like "he'll grow up to be a healthy happy little boy, just watch and see." I told him I was going to hold him to that - what many of you don't realize about that call, or about those words, is how hard they must be for him - this is Jon's first Christmas since losing his daughter (in a horrible way) the day before Valentine's day 2005. The first Christmas after Alexis died... well, I can't say I even remember it to be honest, but I can guarantee you that I wasn't making Merry Christmas calls, so that call means the world to me.

Actually, when the phone rang, Scott answered and gave me that it's for you look - to which my response was a frantic tell them I'm not here neck slicing hand motion. Of course he KNEW I'd want to talk to Jon, because he knows I adore him. Scott makes a good phone call screener lol - he sorts out the bill collectors and the people he knows I would rather not talk to (Like Shaela, the deadbeat publisher who STILL hasn't paid me, even though she SWORE that I'd have the check by the end of November!)

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