Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Stuff

I should feel guilty for all the Christmas cards I've gotten in the last week - because I never sent mine out. Oh, I bought the cards & made them out... Never made it to the getting the stamps part of the whole thing though. Sorry guys, the email card is as good as it's going to get this year. But seriously, that picture of Nova is WAY cuter than the Christmas cards Scott picked out anyway.

Erin sent me TWO packages. Now there's a woman who knows how to do gifts, not extravagant stuff, but stuff that means something, you know? She sent me lilacs earlier this year, all packed up in wet paper towels and such so they wouldn't wilt, just because she knew that lilacs held a special sentimental value to me. So for Christmas, she sent Tasty Kakes, for the whole family, but mostly because she knew my mother loves them and you can't buy them down here. And the outfits she sent for Nova are gorgeous - he's wearing one of them right now actually, and says to tell her that he loves it... (I think he feels sexy in Christmas colored stripes)

I've been really absorbed in real-life lately, and seriously lackadaisical about keeping up with the people I love. So, for the record, Erin, thank you SO much, not just for the gifts, but for being so you. I hope Santa is super good to you this year. You deserve it!

Yesterday was such a weird day. If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was either pregnant or PMSing. I've been super emotional and spent the day swinging back and forth from pissy to weepy to just pissed off. I'm going to blame it on stress or some such thing, and hope I get over it soon.

Anyway, I've got Christmas stuff to do, but Merry Christmas Eve to all of you!!


  1. Merry Christmas, E! I am so glad you liked your stuff. I'd LOVE a pic of Nova in the holiday gear if you have the time and inclination. :o)

  2. Merry Christmas, you. Kiss that baby for me, then everyone else!

  3. My daughter was sick with the flu. Whenever she is not feeling good she says "Mommy, tell me a story."

    And I always do.

    This one was the tale of my loneliest Christmas, and how a single package arrived via UPS. The gift was a simple wooden music box, that played my favorite song. The note inside the box was from my mother, who poetically wrote that she wished I was home.

    "Oh, so THAT's why you keep all your special things inside that box, like my baby teeth, and the shells we got at the ocean!"

    "That's right baby. Thats why."

    I could tell from her smile she was feeling better, and for that matter, so was I.

  4. Erin, I hope y'all had a great Christmas, and that you're feeling a bit more even-keeled now. I went through some major mood changes after Jman's birth. The doctor chalked it up to post-partum depression, and I suppose it was, but it took forever, and drugs for me to get over it. Hoping yours is much more short-lived than mine. You've got a lot on your plate, lady, and very little time to yourself, I'm sure. Try and find a little time to relax, even if it does mean setting the laptop up in the bathroom and taking longer than 10 minutes to pump. Heck, men have very little clue about those things anyway. Tell him the machine malfunctioned and spend a good hour in there. :)

    Love you E, and hope to see some family x-mas pics soon. Hope Santa was good to you, and that the New Year brings you nothing but good news and great joy. Heh, sounds like a fortune cookie, doesn't it?

  5. Erin~
    I'll definitely be posting/sending Christmas pics, including ones of Nova looking cute as a button in his striped sleeper... it's a cute CUTE pic too :)

    Belinda, consider them all kissed, specially from you!

    What a sweet story! It's always amazed me how something so simple as that can make a difference for a child, and for the adult too eh? ;)

    An hour in the bathroom!? Like I said in email - Scotty would think I found one hell of a great porn site if I did that! LOL!

    I sincerely hope that Christmas was amazing for all of you! Mine was as perfect as it gets (except that wholoe getting up at 5am thing, which kind of sucked)