Saturday, December 10, 2005

quickie update

After another 12 hours or so without an internet connection...
I wonder if I get a freakin discount? Hah!

Well, our camera batteries died upon entering the hospital last night, so there are no new pictures, sorry, but he slept the whole time we were there anyway lol. He's still off all meds, down to very little of the vitamin supplement IV stuff. He's got a little diaper rash, which with heart babies is all but inevitable because of the poor circulation and lower oxygenation levels. We've been slathering him in desitin and changing him constantly in hopes of hkeeping it to a minimum, but that'll be a miracle - it's just one of those things heart babies deal with eventally. To have put it off a week was pretty lucky.

His feedings are up to 47ccs, and increase by 4 ccs every 6 hours. His weight, my god he's gaining! He's up to 7lbs 2ozs (yes my math was off when I thought he was over 8lbs, actually, my memory was off...)

They have said they'll do the heart cath next week. I don't know if they mean next-week-monday, or next-week-friday, or somewhere in between. And of course, once that's done they'll be able to schedule the operation, though I have no idea if it will be imediately, or another week or 2 in the future.

I asked him what he wants for Christmas last night, he didn't answer me though. All my kids were 5 or 6 months old by Christmas, he'll be 23 days. What the heck do you buy a 23 day old baby!? So, he has a stocking, but it's empty. Blankets and binkies I guess lol.

I need to go do some stuff around here. I'm trying to keep some small semblnce of order and normalcy around the house, but it isn't working out too well. God knows my mind is scrambled, my schedule is fried, and I hardly know what the hell I'm doing at any given point. Pffffft.

Oh I forgot - Nicholas is off his ventilator! Yay Nicholas!


  1. Wow, I've been away for awhile, (am reading books now obsessively) missed a lot!!

    Hope everything turns out ok.

  2. Hey E. Would it be OK if I sent you a modest Xmas box? Let me know. Don't want to bombard you with extra things to think about...

  3. Good news abounds. I like it!