Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Pictures?

If you're male, or if, for some other reason, the subject of breastfeeding makes you uncomfortable, be warned and stop here :)

Since Nova was pretty much snatched away at birth, I never had the chance to nurse him at all, and of course, once the got him to Charlotte, he was on a strictly monitored diet, so I couldn't nurse him there either, since you know, breasts don't come with cc measurement markings... So I pump faithfully like a good lil cow, every 3 hours for the last 12 days - now he's 12 days old, and finally they say his diet is unrestricted and that I can nurse him. He's 12 days old and has been bottle fed from the first feeding - like I have a chance in hell of getting him to nurse right?

I figured I'd give it a shot, but didn't hold out any hope for it actually working you know? I had resigned myself to being attached to that machine for something like a year, and that was OK, not great, but I could deal with it. I should have known the little guy would take right to it. He never even hesitated. It absolutely made my night! Of course, I'll have to go back to pumping when he goes back, but at least for the next couple of weeks, I'll get to do it the right way.

For those of you that are still with me who never breastfed, you just have no idea what a feeling it is to snuggle your child up to you and nurse. I'm inexplicably happy that he's going to do it!

I did the pump thing for Alexis, and I nursed Terra for 4 months until she refused to nurse because of nipple confusion (HA! Just lost any male readers that made it this far - I said nipple!) I remember when Terra decided she was done with breastfeeding. I cried like a fool, lol. Of course, with Nova, I won't be going back to work when he's 3 weeks old, so it will be different, I hope. Who knows, with him going back in the hospital for the surgery. He's liable to decide by that time that he prefers the bottle, but at least I/he/we got a few weeks of the real thing.

So anyway, we took his carseat to the hospital tonight, and bought him the most adorable little winter jumpsuit, and brought home a lot of his stuff so we won't have so much to carry tomorrow. . . I'm so damn excited, I doubt I'll sleep tonight, and boy do I need to sleep! Oh well, it isn't like new mothers expect or require sleep, right?

Yeah, I'm going to go try anyway. Expect pictures tomorrow for sure - of the whole family together by the Christmas tree!


  1. I am so glad and happy for this blessing. And so glad the breastfeeding worked out!!! So go girl and have those wet places all over your t-shirt whenever you hear him and be a comfort to eachother. Nova is so clever to learn this way of feeding. For taking this milk is forming your mouth on a so different base than with a bottle.I am so excitec with you.

  2. That's it! No nipples for me!



    I've drank that shit. If your thirsty, and a full boobie's around. Why not?

    But one must be very gentle when attempting this. I learned that the hard way when I was smacked away from Tammy's boob.


  3. lmao James, what a mental image!

    Renee, he IS a clever little guy huh? I'll relish every minute, and every wet spot lol.

  4. I figured a laugh would be nice.


  5. lol he thinks he's always starving! But I can't feed him till I go get him, which has been slightly postponed by freezing rain and an inch of ice all over every damned thing. It's nasty cold and wet and we're hoping it will at least stop raining in a little bit!

  6. And so it shall.

    Be careful when you go get the boy.

  7. Oh, E. You made me feel all warm and fuzzy with recollection. I loved nursing my babies. It is the ultimate in nurturing. *sigh*....oh....I STILL REALLY WANT ANOTHER ONE!!! Love you guys! And,'re such a dork!

  8. Yeah! I'm glad to hear he's at home and nursing! You're so right - before breastfeeding, I couldn't understand the emotional side of it, but now I think I'd nurse my guy (he's almost 9 months) forever. He's just now started to bite me regularly, though, so we might be done mighty soon.

    ... continuing to send warmth and happiness to Nova & Co.

  9. That wonderful news Erin. So exciting that he's coming home. Can't wait to see the pics :)

  10. WOO-HOOOO! Yeah, that "sleep when the baby sleeps" thing is a crock--that's when you do all your best besotted-mother staring! Enjoy, the both of you. Warm hugs from here.

  11. Warm wished also! My firstborn couldn't nurse, was way too sick but my second did and you are right, what a feeling! Those who have never nursed will never understand the wonderful, cuddly feeling of being so close to their child.

    Look forward to the pictures!

  12. *sigh*

    I will miss the nursing. I was so excited about it. But I'm so completely overjoyed that he's home and will be for THREE MONTHS that I'm really ok with the bottle feedings. At least I got to do it a few times before things went down the tubes lol.