Sunday, December 11, 2005


He's up to 7lbs 3.8ozs. He's a hoss, eating like crazy, and gaining like crazy. I read through his chart last night, his lowest weight was 6lbs 10ozs when he was 3 days old - so he's gained over 1/2 pound in 5 days, and didn't even eat for one of those days!

He's now up to 60ccs every 3 hours - that's 2 ounces for those of you that aren't Erin or Ang, who work with CCs on a daily basis lol. He's totally off his supplemental IV. His rash is clearing up, which is amazing, because they tend not to heal well because of the oxygen shortage - but then, his O2 sats are at normal levels right now. Last night his alarm went off because it was too high, how's that for weird? I mean, why is there an alarm for oxygen levels of 98%? Yeah I know, it's for babies that are actually on oxygen...

He's awake more and more, and seriously alert when he's awake. He loves Scott's voice and will watch him when he walks around or moves around when he's talking. Scott whispers secrets in his ear... I have no idea what he tells him, but it's adorable to watch Nova react to it. I think he might be promising him a steak or a cheeseburger or something.

He hates diaper changes, blood pressure checks, and having his temperature taken. He liked his nurse tonight, but really doesn't care much for the male nurse when he gets him. He kept scratching his face so I cut his nails tonight. This is my 7th kid, why does that still make me nervous? I kept having visions of cutting the tips of his finger off. He may be the biggest baby in the NICU, but those are still tiny tiny little fingernails.

Anyway, it's 1am and I wanted to do a quick update before I go pass out for a couple of hours. Night all, more pics tomorrow. . .


  1. He sounds wonderful, E.

  2. Wow E! He's eating so good! I don't think Jman was eating that much at that age! What a chunk! I love the idea that he's infatuated with his daddy's voice. That's just too damn cute. And I'm glad that you have Scott to be there and be so supportive and loving. There are so many men that are like Nicholas's dad. Not because they mean to be, but because they just don't know how to be any other way.
    You've got a good man, and a superhero baby. Tell you what, I'll buy the steaks and cheeseburgers when he cuts his first tooth, ok? :)

    And about the nails. I do Jonas's when he's asleep at night. It's the only time he's still enough. They don't get done nearly as often as they should, either. It still freaks me out, too. And I cut dog's nails on a daily basis. You'd think if you can get a squirmy jack russel's nails cut without maiming him, your own child would be no problem, eh?

    Love to your family, E.


  3. Good stuff, Erin. Good stuff :)

  4. Sounds like he's a manly guy to me!

  5. It sounds good to me! Keep it up whatever it is!