Friday, December 9, 2005

The many faces of Nova

ok, I KNOW it's gas but isn't that a cute lil smart ass grin?

Come closer... closer... closer


  1. He chuckles, looks around, smiles off into ceberspace.

  2. No, that should be...


  3. How precious! I really love that last picture, with his forehead all creased. So serious... or else he's working on a juicy diaper. In the first one, he looks like a little joker.

    Heck, they're all great! I love the fact that you can take 100 different pictures of the same child, and he can look totally different in each and every one of them. I've got a few of J-man that I look back at and think "Wow, is that really my son?! I don't remember that face."

    Any medical updates? He looks like he's doing great. I don't see any tubes or wires.

    Love you,