Thursday, December 15, 2005


So he's home, and no, we never took a picture, lol. We were too immersed in the chaos of a house full of children pawing all over the new baby, mixed with 1000 loads of laundry and at least 1000 shitty diapers. It's been one hell of a grand day, despite the frigid temperatures, the ice coating on everything, the torrential freezing rain, and the faulty windshield wipers (don't ask!)

In the NICU and the NPCN (neonatal progressive care nursery) he was in one of those little plexiglas bassinette things, and filled it up completely - he looks SO tiny in that huge crib! He doesn't fuss unless he's hungry or stinky, which typically coincide, and he sleeps the sleep of a two week old - even when Terra-the-Terrible-Two-Year-Old is on a screaming rampage.

So we filled out page after page of paperwork for discharge, he already has doctor's appointments scheduled all the way through February... Yes, through February, because they're expecting him to be home for THREE MONTHS. How's THAT for a Christmas surprise!? We were told a few weeks... we were told, "until after Christmas... but THREE MONTHS!? Haha, I got all I could ask for this Christmas!

Of course, that depends on how well he does, and assumes that he has no complications and doesn't start becoming cyanotic or start having what they call "Tetralogy spells."

They tested his hearing, and his left ear failed. The nurses said that it was fairly normal for that to happen, and they scheduled a recheck in February. Her words actually were "It's nothing to stress about..." To be honest, I feel like there are bigger concerns than that right now. I don't want him to be partially deaf, but seriously, we have to be more concerned about his life. That's pretty much how we felt about his circumcision too - we were supposed to be there to et that paid for by 7am, and could have done it, but it just seems so unneccessary right now, just another procedure to make him endure. So, if he grows up to be uncut and deaf in one ear, I'll consider it a blessing.

Pictures will have to wait till tomorrow, and I'm still working on that video... I'm having some trouble getting it transferred to my PC from the camera, and having a hell of a time with my Road Runner - "grid problems" - wtf?

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