Monday, November 3, 2008

woo hoo!

So tonight is my big conference call re: Operation Teddy Bear Care and the mission trip to S. Africa, I'm both excited and nervous, but mostly, I'm really looking forward to getting some more "concrete" info about where we go from here. I can't wait to add something more informative and productive to my new spot over there

The trick for tonight is going to be to get everyone out of the room and NOT creating the usual chaos and havoc that normally surround me in this living room.

In other news... I've been a crappy ass friend lately to my mostest favorite other Erin by totally not paying attention to the very cool, very BIG, short film project called NoSympathyForTheDevil that she and her man Bill are trying to bring into reality. Filming starts in March 2009, and here's a little somrthing about it from their website:
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the Earth in a perfectly peaceful state - no war, no drugs, no reality TV. No starvation, no murder. Sounds sublime, doesn't it? Unless you're one of the minions employed to tend the fiery gates; especially unfortunate if you're the most infamous of them all…

In an world free of sinners, Lucifer himself is laid off and deported to New England, stripped of his power and status, with no choice but to find a new life. Even with the best of intentions, his reputation inevitably precedes him. Experiencing life as an average Joe, he struggles to be accepted and hold down a job. Add booze and a broken heart to the mix and you have the ultimate underdog.

Will Satan resign himself to his fate or find a way to get back to his roots? One thing is for certain: with every attempt at a better life, he will quickly realize that there is no sympathy for the devil.

So today, I donated a small bit, just $10, which entitles me to the deed to a tiny bit of Bill's soul. I promptly donated the bill of sale back to the Erin, because you know, I'm the wrong Erin to own Bill's soul ;)


I plan to donate a little something once a month between now and March. And I'm also going to spread the word to everyone I can reach out to :)

Consider yourself reached. Now go send Bill $10. Because this movie is gonna kick ass. And because we're talking about Erin, whom I adore and want very much to help make this happen!

BTW they also sell stuff here: No Sympathy Merch (I'm eyeing up that coffee mug hee hee!)
And if you doubt how much this means to Bill and Erin, take a peek at his license plate!:

LOL Minus One halo! *snickers* Good one guys!

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