Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Creative Urge

I'm just too busy lately. I don't even know how to get to all the projects I've got going. And I get paid for a large number of the projects I work on, so skipping it isn't really an option. And the sad thing is, I actually only have 4 clients (1 pro bono, plus another major paying project for one of my regular clients) What scares me is that I've managed to find myself in a position that, at the first of the year, I'm likely to start getting new clients on a regular basis, and I just don't know how in the world I'm going to handle it. I'm beginning to wonder if my brain is actually programmed for this whole business plan!

Cami, for whom I work, has her own business helping women with awesome business ideas, bring those ideas to reality, and helps them create a successful business. She's a marketing executive gone good, and she's amazing at what she does. She hired me to help her out with her site, and with her book... but I think I need to hire her to teach me wtf I'm doing!

Actually, all joking aside, I have sort of set up a tentative appointment with her for January, and I hope I can survive till then!

The good news is she totally gave me a cheat sheet to start with and I'll spend the flight to LA filling it out. It's more of a... well, handbook, lol... with lots of questions and insights to what works, and how to start your owwn business. She's awesome though, because even though she's worked for the giants (ie: Microsoft and other such companies) and understands marketing like no other human being I've ever known, she also appreciates the human side, and the spiritual side too... she doesn't want to set up empty business, she wants to launch ideas that fulfill dreams...

Cuz she's fucking awesome like that. Seriously.

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  1. I just get more excited for you every day. It's a good kind of frazzled, the kind of frazzled all of us should be. I think what's going to get you through is your own sense of purpose, your genuine desire to serve. You're walkin' the walk, sister, and you're doing it with just the right amount of humility.

    You're taking your laptop to LA, I hope?