Friday, November 7, 2008

I don't live in California but...

How does my marriage hurt yours?

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  1. Have you joined Straight for Equality yet? PFLAG? Neither group excludes straight or bi people. Our friends need our help on this.

    Their children especially need our help on this.

    Children who are awaiting adoption by their non-biological parent need our help on this. And yes, any child awaiting adoption into a loving home for the first time needs our help on this.

    I don't like mingling church law with civil law. It seems to me, the best course is to address civil law first -- demand civil union be recognized as a civil right, at the federal level, thus affording same-sex spouses and their children the same ownership, inheritance, insurance, adoption protections straight families have. As for churches, I think it's up to church leaderships to clean up church laws.

    Why anyone, straight or gay, would want anything to do with any church that judges or persecutes gay people, is beyond me.