Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy America Recycles Day

I always reuse, reduce and recycle, so I don't know if I "celebrated" it appropriately. *shrug* but check out this post... I found it interesting.

I worked too much today - I officially hate html and css. Seriously. Gah.

And there are some things that laptops just suck for. Paint Shop Prow/o a mouse sucks. Yeah, I know, there's a mouse port. But my mouse won't plug into it. Damn it.

Today I received a few things from Daryn Kagan... her book, "What's Possible" and a copy of "Breaking the Curse" which made me cry for an hour straight. I love what Daryn does, I love her site, I'm excited to be working with her and helping her launch her community, and I can't wait to read "What's Possible."

I have to type fast, lest I miss the midnight deadline for NaBloPoMo... gah, deadlines!


  1. Hubby bought a laptop a few years ago. I think I've used it 5 times, total. I just like the feel of a full sized keyboard. And yeah, that touchpad mouse thing. WTF?! I can't operate it to save my life.

    We bought a cordless usb mouse on sale for less than $20, and it's come in handy that way. We really bought it for J, who can't get his hand around my beloved trackball properly, but I often find Wil sneaking it off to the laptop. :) I recommend one. And if you're using it for business, then, well, it's a business expense, right? And therefore, you can deduct it from taxes, right? So stop giving yourself a headache and get a real mouse! :)

    How, exactly, is one supposed to celebrate recycling day? Just curious.

  2. HTML and CSS, I revile their very names.