Friday, November 14, 2008

Got Sympathy?

(Ioriginally made thispost on the 6th, but I'mma pop it back to the top again :)


The purpose of this film blog post is to make you laugh (and maybe push a boundary or two in the process.) We just wanted to reassure potential supporters that this film is not about satanic worshiping, atheism, or even agnosticism. Nor is it anti-Christian, or anti-any-other-religion, for that matter. We have the utmost respect for your right to believe in whatever you choose.

Ohhh, it can't be good when it starts with a disclaimer, can it? hee hee! Just keep reading!

Now I'm a pretty damned sympathetic person - if you know me, you know that. But never once have I considered being sympathetic to poor ole Beelzebub. I mean really, he's everything that's wrong with this world, right? Well, apparently, that depends on your point of view... let me play Devil's Advocate here, bear with me.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the Earth in a perfectly peaceful state - no war, no drugs, no reality TV. No starvation, no murder. Sounds sublime, doesn't it? Unless you're one of the minions employed to tend the fiery gates; especially unfortunate if you're the most infamous of them all…

In an world free of sinners, Lucifer himself is laid off and deported to New England, stripped of his power and status, with no choice but to find a new life. Even with the best of intentions, his reputation inevitably precedes him. Experiencing life as an average Joe, he struggles to be accepted and hold down a job. Add booze and a broken heart to the mix and you have the ultimate underdog.

Will Satan resign himself to his fate or find a way to get back to his roots? One thing is for certain: with every attempt at a better life, he will quickly realize that there is no sympathy for the devil.

Funny how a tiny shift in perspective can change everything huh? Ever sold your soul? Ever thought about it? Anything you believe in so completely and wholly that you'd consider it? I honestly can't, I've tried for days and couldn't do it. Which is why I'm even more amazed that Bill did.

Bill: I've never met Bill, but Bill is a creative guy. An artist even. A dude who makes Erin happy, makes great LOST cakes, and makes movies. Well, one movie, a movie called No Sympathy For The Devil. A movie for which he's willing to sell his soul. Literally. And because I love Erin, and therefore, by proxy, Bill... I am asking you to support this short film.

Is it going to save any one's life? No, probably not. Will it feed the homeless or save the wretched? Um, nope. It won't end the AIDS epidemic, lead to victory in the war against drugs, and it won't bring our boys back from Iraq. It is not, supposedly, 'earth shattering.' Unless you're Bill and Erin.

You see, Erin thought I only supported stuff like saving babies from congenital heart defects, or helping to bury them when a mother lost one, or ending the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. Sometimes, like that clown-fish a couple posts down, sometimes I support the people I love and the things they do, because I love them. And oh how I love Erin, and therefore, the endeavor she' embarked upon with the man she loves.

To Bill and Erin, this is indeed Earth Shattering... and so, my lovely readers, I'm asking you to support it with me, by buying a sliver of Bill's soul and helping to raise the $6,000 they need to make this film happen. Go here:, donate a few dollars, and make 1 Bill and 2 Erins very happy.

How the hell else are you going to ever see your name in the final credits of a movie anyway? Or buy a soul for that matter? And check out these bad ass t shirts! Cuz you can totally get one of these too!


  1. You're the best, E! (Heh, I had a typo there for a sec that said, 'you're the beast, E! Well, that too, that too!) Anyway, I am blushing and beaming and grinning ear to ear (which kinda hurts), so thank you again for believing so much in me...well, in us. I LOVE YOU!

  2. It makes me sad that it appears no one has donated since I did!

  3. Me too. :-( But hey! Both Erin's have done their best!