Friday, November 21, 2008

crap - so much for nablopomo!

I didn't post yesterday damnit!

I was too busy panicking and trying to recreate a spreadsheet I've been recording data on for the last 2 or 3 months. I accidentally pressed some magical combination of keys that deleted the last 6 weeks of data entry work I've done, and I damn near died on the spot. I was up all night, I'm exhausted today, mentally and physically, today.

Good news is, the spreadsheet was contibutor's information for the 29Gifts book I'm helping Cami with, and I'm flying to California next month to do the editing and selections! YAY!

I've never flown before, well, not since I was a toddler anyway, and I'm excited, but I'm also nervous as hell about flying alone. OK, I'm not nervous about the FLYING, I'm nervous about the airport experience. Here's to hoping I get on the right plane, don't miss my flight, or end up in Timbuktu, or get detained by security for having a friggin curling iron or something.

Any advice from you worldly types who actually have a life, and have flown as adults?

Gah, I'm such a loser.


  1. Oh! My favorite thing! Bossing other travelers around!

    What airports are you going through?

    What airline?

    I have a theory that air travel brings out our insecurities and therefore 99% of all people over-pack. Over-packing slows everything down.

    (The metal detector has never caught the mini-bic lighter in my pocket, but I've had lighters confiscated from my purse and my carry-on. Just so you know. Security is generally kind about these things -- just doin' their job.)

  2. I'll be flying US Airways, CLT to LAX and vice versa.

    I'm planning to take as little as possible, plus, it's still 90 degrees there, so the clothing I pack can be tiny :)

    I should go look up a list of things I can't take eh? lol