Saturday, November 1, 2008

I said the C word. Out loud. To my kids!

Yes, I've done it. I said the C word out loud. Not THAT C word, you perverts! CHRISTMAS. Uh huh. There it is. Less than 2 months away.

I had the kids make out Christmas lists today. It's scares the shit out of me how fast this year has gone by! So, I'm going to hit Kmart for the layaway department. Ever wonder if Walmart regrets doing away with Layaway? I bet they do.

So, I have to buy a nice bible for my mom. She's a total church person. And I know a lady who makes handmade leather book covers that are just gorgeous, and I think it'd mean a lot to mom to get her one to go on a nice new bible.

I feel obligated to buy something for my half-sister Maureen too. You may or may not remember the story about her... I don't exactly have a close sister bond with this chick, but recently my mother and Maureen have reconnected and gotten very close - Maureen lives with Mom now (my half sister, no relation to my mother...) and I can't buy my mother a present and take it to her house on Christmas, and not have anything for Maureen. How rude, ya know?

But I don't know her, haven't see her in 25+ years, have no idea what she likes or doesn't... Not a clue what to get her.

So I need your advice. What do you buy someone very religious that you barely know and aren't even sure you like?


  1. Ummm... a pretty bookmark for their bible? Or if you have a books-a-million near you, they have racks and racks of religious stuff to choose from. All kinds of little stuff for like $5-$20 dollars.

    You think you're freaked about the impending Christmas chaos? I've agreed to handmade Christmas for the whole family, and I haven't got jack done yet! I'm in so much trouble!

  2. Ah Christmas. Let me put the Halloween stuff away on Tuesday then consider Christmas.

    For a religious person you don't know very well? A big bottle of tequila!

    Seriously, Do you have a Christian store near you? I like those daily devotioal books or calendars.

  3. How about a plastic Jesus for the dashboard of her car? Or a magnetic Mary for her fridge?

    My kids' stepmom is hanging Christmas lights today.... keeeeRIST!

  4. Decorating for Christmas TODAY!? Good lawd.

    Jannie... There are roughly 400 Christian bookstores in my area, I am in the heart of the bible belt...

    The 2 of them even have their favorite Christian bookstore, and I've totally considered a gift card so she can buy anything she'd like, because really... I just don't know.