Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas news from Maureen!!!


Children in South Africa are going on their Christmas break. The Nativity play had to be cancelled this weekend. The heartbreak theses little ones felt at this disappointment was very sad to see. I could not ignore their disappointment. A plan had to be made and quick.

Realizing that these children have never sat around a table and had a meal, as you can see in the pictures I have taken of them standing in line to be served there meal and how they sit on the benches and eat. They do not get meals at home. They have a six-week break, with no nourishing meals coming their way.

A Christmas Dinner served around a table, like a big happy family. Teachers & helpers included. Would that not be lovely?

Now the challenge is cooking for 80 children & 4 adults at minimal cost.

Must be healthy, filling and something different then their normal Soya and pap (maize meal).


Chicken a la king. Meat & rice is a luxury for them.
Desert: Ice Lollies

The cost of this should hopefully not be more than $15

Now the next problem is how do we create a Christmas atmosphere. Remember these children have never experience anything like this. This is going to be the first and hopefully not their last. I am hoping to get enough helpers that we can serve them at the table


1. We are going to cut a branch off one of our Pine Trees and plant it in the ground at

the School near where they eat. This week the children are going to make decorations out of paper to decorate the tree. The Goodie bags that Tabitha and her family sent, we will hang on the tree as gifts.

I am sorry I can’t organize a Father Christmas suite at such short notice. We will make one for next year.

2.There are 3 Classes. Each class will be given a Teddy Bear to wrap up for their Teacher as a thank you gift for teaching them this year. The cook and helper will also get a present. Hopefully that way everyone will be happy.

3. We will end off with the Nativity play and Christmas Carols.

Will keep you posted on any further plans and news.

This is going to be a big challenge for me. With confidence I move forward to spread the smiles as I know you are with me in Spirit.

PS Any ideas to create a loving atmosphere are welcome

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