Wednesday, November 12, 2008

helllllllp meeeeeeeeeeeee

I love my handy dandy new washer and dryer, I'm incredibly grateful that we were able to get them. But we've been without laundry facilities for nearly a month. We did the few necessities we couldn't live without at the laundromat, but basically, all the normal laundry (roughly 2 loads a day) have been piling up. We got the washer and dryer yesterday, and I swear I haven't done anything but laundry for a full 24 hours now. I'm buried under mounds of folded clothes, and I'm roughly halfway there. I woke up screaming in the middle of the night, from a night mare that I was drowning, in a bucket full of unfolded socks! Helllllppppp!!!

OK I didn't really dream I was drowning in socks. But I *am* sick of laundry now. And even the allure of the sexy new front load washer isn't going to overcome it! The smell of warm Gain-scented linens are the only thing keeping me going now.


  1. Hi, Erin! I'm sending good vibes your way (albeit a couple of days late, but you can never have too many good vibes, right?) and I'm glad you've not drowned in socks. I read your piece on Erin & (Bob? - I thought that Erin was YOU at first) and their film No Sympathy for the Devil, and other projects you're involved in. You are always busy!

    I think I mentioned my friend who lives in Matthews--and I also mentioned you to her, told her what a creative and quirky mind you have. I'll bet you'd like each other, and when I spoke to her the other day she offered to help you with some of your projects, however she can. She a fine actress (used to act in and direct plays in Spirit Square in Charlotte. She's worked in children's theater, organized BIG parades (getting celebrities to come as master of ceremonies) and, for the past several years has done commercials and voice-overs for TV.

    Her husband, who was a fantastic artist, died last January and she's been really lost and depressed--but she's eager to be INVOLVED with something again--maybe something like working with Daryn Kagan filming stuff or helping to find and put stories together. Don't know what kind of client of your she is, but I love her site.

    Anyway, my friend's name is Janet, and she asked me to give you her phone number, so here it is: 704-846-2842. Said she'd work for free! Anyway....

  2. Between your blog and the new scent-centered ad campaign, I'm totally going to have to get a whiff of Gain.