Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween is OVERRRRR

and as always, there was lots of fun, scads of candy (eventually, too much for a mere 5 yr old to carry, and we were forced to assist her LOL) sore feet (Terra's) chattered teeth (mine) an exploding bladder (Bren's - relieved (shhh don't tell) on a bush in the yard of an unoccupied house) and one huge collective sigh upon returning home. And we've survived another! Only, oh... I dunno... 10 to go?

By then, I'll be a grandmother, I'll get to sit home and give out candy.

Note to my children: No, I won't take your kids trick-or-treating for you while you and your spouse have "alone time." Sorry.
I have lots to do. I never did make out my schedule. I should have. I got a lot done today, and yet, somehow, I have!

Website Moderation- 29Gifts: 1 hr daily (lol, yeah, more like 5 or 6)
Website Moderation - ParentsDigest: 2 hrs daily
Website Moderation - Daryn Kagan: 2 hrs daily
Editorial Assistant - 29Gifts book: 1 hr daily (approx.)

Wouldn't seem like 6 hours is a lot.

Until you add in 3 loads of laundry, vacuuming, 1 gabby 5 yr old, 3 meals,, a new website that'll be open in a few days, planning a trip to South Africa, fulfilling the 29Day Giving Challenge, BLOGGING on the 29Day Giving Challenge, family stuff, friends stuff, homework, school projects, boyfriend trouble, girlfriend trouble, basketball tryouts, visitors, phone calls, grocery shopping, doctor's appointments, and an occasional hour of sleep...

Speaking of sleep - Goodnight folks! Happy November!


  1. Happy November, Erin. Making Thanksgiving plans yet? :-)

  2. whew. I'm worn out just reading your schedule!!

  3. Happy November Zilla!
    I do indeed have some Thanksgiving plans... huge meal with my fam (not extended fam, prolly just *us*) and, I have 2 full Thanksgiving dinners that will be going to needy families.

    Pris, LOL, the most draining part is the gabby 5 yr old, and the girlfriend problems ;)

  4. Believe me when I say that I can understand how 6 hours is an impossible amount of time. It's why I'm still working on a 1 year program nearly 3 years after starting it!

    Happy November, E.

  5. You sound really busy.

    I'm soooo glad Halloween's over too.

    What a surprise and blessing on the trick-or-treat trail when two houses were giving out margaritas to the big people!

  6. ohhhh Jannie! That IS a treat!!!

    Ang... I have been surprised by how difficult that 6 hours is to find :| I used to work 8 - 10 hour shfts and still got my Housework done. What's wrong with me!?