Friday, November 14, 2008

Too bad I can't afford a prize...

I survived - the conference call that is... BTW Zilla, I promise never to call you. Funny story actually, I have this friend, she was my very best friend who I adored for one summer when I was living in Coxsackie NY. I went over 20 years without her. Then a few months ago, out of the blue, I got an email from her. We emailed and we Myspaced and we caught up with each other's lives and marriages and jobs and kids... and being the phone-o-phobe I am, I never once suggested that we talk on the phone.

A few weeks ago she professed to me that she is just not a phone person, and thanked me for never suggesting a phone call. I guess we're not as weird as we thought - us women that hate the phone.

Anyway. What's up with me right now... Utter insanity. went live with their community, so there's been lots to do for Daryn the last couple of days. I love it, I just love the site, it's right up my alley.

Then there's 29Gifts, which always keeps me busy, with making sure all the new members get welcomed, all the projects going on through the site get organized, all the members' questions get answered, etc...

Operation Teddy Bear Care is at a sort of lull right now, all I'm really lined up to do with that this week is to create a graphic to be used as a certificate... Some folks want not only to give up their Christmas presents but want to donate to Teddy Bear Care in family members' names and give them certificates to let them know they've donated in their name. Cool idea :) I like it. But on my handy dandy new laptop, I have a new version of Paint Shop Pro that I have to learn... and no mouse. I'm definitely struggling with the certificate!

ParentDigest is the biggest list of duties for the next few days at least. Nothing too hard, just a bit time consuming, and definitely "mental work" which sometimes is harder than humping ass waiting tables.

And then there's the work I need to get done on the book, I'm a little behind and that's DEFINITELY the most mentally challenging of all my 'jobs' I think because it's actually in my field of "expertise" I think it's just the thing I care most about, which makes me worry more about that imaginary "perfect" I aim for with the things I do concerning the book. It's silly really, all I do is something like data entry lol, but I'm always afraid I'm going to mess something up somehow.

And really, another thing I need to do is to officially become a business, start working out my own "brand" and making my way in this new career line I seem to have had handed to me. First step (since I already have clients lol) is to come up with a business name. Then to get myself registered, set up business accounts to withhold my own taxes...then I get to do all my own advertising and "launch" my own business like I help my clients do.

So come on guys... my business is to serve clients who run online communities - I moderate their forums, I drive traffic to their sites, set up the appearance of their pages, do techie type stuff like adding links and pages, make graphics and logos if they need it. I do some minor technical writing as far as guidelines and codes of conduct, I welcome new members, I coordinate projects, groups, and some events, within the community, I answer questions for members and assist them with issues they might have.

WTF do I name my business?

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