Wednesday, November 19, 2008

*whiney whimper*

~Woken up @ 6:20am by emotionally distraught friend who needs babysitter, due to medical emergency with oldest daughter.
~arrival @ 7:05 by not-so-happy 3yr old

~automotive/legal issues
~lost birth certificate, and incorrect title from previous owner, which magnify aforementioned automotive/legal issues.
~lack of funds, compounded by a visit from Union Electric today, to rectify aforementioned automotive/legal issues.

~grumpy husband home from work to attempt to solve previous 3 points
~telephone keeps ringing
~email too
~several clients who had fires that needed putting out.
~all have required some action on my part.

(I got up 3 hours early, had an extra kid all day, and a grumpy husband too, plus a fucking migraine - I am incapable of thinking let alone acting!)

I'm going to bed. If you have a fire that needs to be put out... call 911 :)



  1. I wrote a poem last week about my fucking migraine but didnt post it yet..

    hate those fucking things but it probably was my fault as I had 2 glazed donuts for brekkie, which probably started it. Stupid me.

    How often do you get one? Me every 2 - 3 weeks.